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Zlagboard Zlagboard Mini

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The Zlagboard Mini has been designed by Café Kraft coaches Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb, authors of the best-selling climbing training handbook Gimme Kraft and... Show more >
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Zlagboard Zlagboard Mini

The Zlagboard Mini has been designed by Café Kraft coaches Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb, authors of the best-selling climbing training handbook Gimme Kraft and teachers of some of the world’s elite, including Alex Megos.

Little brother of the Zlagboard Pro, the Zlagboard Mini has been crafted especially to cater for the beginner, intermediate, and slightly advanced climber, and it comes with a full set of training programs put together by the world-renowned coaches themselves. These regimes have been designed to work specifically with the Zlagboard.Mini, meaning you can start training that will be effective and progressive from day one. Perfect for the climber who wants to track their progress, raise their level, and climb better.


Zlagboard Mini

Training Routines by Café Kraft

Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb, coaches at the infamous Café Kraft, have written the ultimate training guidebook: Gimme Kraft! They agreed to share their know-how and developed a full set of training plans for the Zlagboard.Pro and Zlagboard.Mini.

With the Gimme Kraft! training schedules you receive a highly approved and up-to-date tool for raising your climbing performance based on scientifically-tested methods. The contents of the schedules focus on two important aspects of your climbing strength: finger and locking strength. Both strength capacities are being trained in terms of maximum force as well as endurance.

The plans are divided into three different levels: beginners, advanced, and elite. If you are not sure of which level you are, you can look up a training unit of the third or fourth week, then ask yourself whether you would be able to absolve it after a bouldering session. If yes, have a go on the higher level. If not, choose this very level or a lower one. Have fun!

How the Zlagboard & Training App Works

Part of a series of videos on how to set up the Zlagboard. First two parts can be found here
and here.

Zlagboard 3: start your training from Vertical Life on Vimeo.

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Zlagboard Mini
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Pretty effective!

I'm a relatively new climber around 6a (french grade).
After a week in which I trained 4 days, 20 tot 40 minutes on those days, I already felt like I had gained a lot of finger endurance and a bit of strengt. So it really worked for me!

The smartphone app is pretty bad though. And the rubber holder you put your phone in is clearly not designed for phones over 5 inches big, I really had to stretch the rubber to fit my phone in there so I could mount in on the hangboard.

Another thing is that some of the training courses cost money, usually only 5 euros so it's not a huge deal but I don't think this was mentioned on the product page.

Still 4 out of 5 stars because it helped my climbing a lot :)

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