Stubai Kraxlboard Rock

The Stubai Kraxlboard is a beastly three-tiered fingerboard that offers countless placement options to strengthen your arms and fingers. Show more >
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Stubai Kraxlboard Rock

If you can’t get enough of training, or you’re working on a problem that you can’t quite make, the Stubai Kraxlboard Rock offers so many slopers, jugs and pockets you won’t know where to start. Multiple sloper angles, pocket sizes and jugs mean you can easily work multiple muscles in your arms and fingers to get you strong enough for your next big climb. Ideal for experienced climbers who want to push their limits, this fingerboard is made from super-solid laminated beech wood that’ll look great in any home gym, garage or training space.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS780 x 296 x 70 mm


Kraxlboard Rock

Full Features

· Multilayer laminated beech wood
· Exceptionally generous jugs to finish off fatigued arms
· Slopers 35° und 22.5° on upper side
· Big round sloper, center top, for one-armed pull-ups
· 80 mm round slopers on bottom side for pinch grip training
· Delivery includes mounting screws; no pegs are included.

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Kraxlboard Rock
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