Problemsolver Motion

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Portable hang board that can be locked against a pull-up bar or used with accessory cord; hold sizes from 6 to 24 mm. Show more >
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Problemsolver Motion

The Problemsolver Motion is a portable fingerboard with multiple mounting options: it can be locked into place on a pull-up bar, with almost zero movement; it can be mounted on the metal mounting plate, which also allows you to adjust the angle of the board to increase difficulty; or it can be used with a traditional accessory cord when travelling or using to warm up at the crag. The hold sizes on the Problemsolver Motion range from 24 mm down to 6 mm, and inserts ranging between 2 and 5 mm can be purchased for even greater options.

Tech specs

MEASURES380 x 75 x 32 mm
MATERIALEuropean ash


• Adjustable strap for easy mounting and height adjustment
• Tilt the board with the metal plate, to make the holds more inclined
• Compatible to mount with an accessory cord
• Mounting the board without the plate will give you a more neutral angle on the board, enabling you to use the 10 mm and 6 mm holds at their best
• The neutral hang mount is the preferred way when used on a pull-up bar, the board can then be locked tight against the bar with almost zero wiggling.

• 24 mm and 20 mm - sunny side up
• 14 mm, 10 mm and 6 mm - shifted upside down
• Compatible with the Problemsolver Inserts to make the holds smaller

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