Max Climbing Spinchboard

A multi-functional, progressive fingerboard with a one-bolt mounting that allows you to spin the holds between easy and hard mode. Show more >
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Max Climbing Spinchboard

The Max Climbing Spinchboard uses a one-bolt mounting that allows you to spin the holds between different modes, giving you many more options and degrees of difficulty per hold than a standard fixed training board. It's ideal for all abilities, and it will suit anyone who wants to train a variety of pulling directions outside of the vertical plane.

Tech specs

SET INCLUDESLeft and right Spinchboard hold, M10 bolts and T-nuts




• Spin between easy / hard mode
• 4 levels of pinchers
• 4 levels of slopers
• 4 levels of pockets
• One-bolt mounting
• Use the board in easy mode for some power endurance training or warming up
• Use the board in hard mode to increase finger strength and get a real challenge
• Place the holds wide apart to train your shoulders
• Spin the holds to 45° to challenge your shoulder and compression muscles
• Spin the holds to 90° to challenge those fore arms and pinch them

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