Lattice Mega Bar

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Two-armed version of the Mini Bar; includes a jug for warming up, 20mm edge for hanging and recruitment, and a 10mm edge for specific micro-edge warming up. Show more >
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Lattice Mega Bar

Following the popularity of the Mini Bar, Lattice Training have released the Mega Bar, a two-armed version for dead-hangs/recruitment pulls and pull-ups when warming up at the crag or training at on the move. The Mega Bar includes a large jug for warming up and pull-ups, Lattice's signature 20mm edge that's known for its comfortable feel, and a 10mm edge for specific micro-crimp warming up. A fine-adjustment system allows you to find the perfect angle and vary between incut, flat, and slopey holds.

Tech specs

DIMENSIONS40 × 6 × 6 cm
MATERIAL(S)Tulipwood & Nylon attachment cord


Mega Bar

• The Lattice 20mm edge with it’s signature radius for comfort and reliability.
• 10mm micro edge to get those fingers recruited and warm for the smallest of crimps.
• Super comfy jug for gentle warmups and pull ups.
• Fine adjustment system so you can dial in the right angle no matter where you hang.
• Super lightweight portable hangboard, two and one handed hangs on all edge sizes.
• Skin-friendly – industry-standard tulipwood for its straight grain, fine texture and soft feel so you can save it all for the rock.
• Pre-tied attachment cord – ready to train out the box.
• Handmade in the UK to ensure quality & reduce emissions.

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Mega Bar
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