Lattice Lattice Testing and Training Rung

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A two-rung—warm-up hold and 20 mm edge—fingerboard that, with the help of the guys at Lattice, accurately tests your finger strength. Show more >
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Lattice Lattice Testing and Training Rung

The Lattice Testing and Training Rung is an easy-to-use, straightforward tool that allows you to accurately test and measure your finger strength. You will truly see whether your training is having the desired effect on your finger strength, and the real data it provides will identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve more quickly. How it works is simple: complete the self-assessment to find out your maximum force during a training session, send the data off to Lattice, receive a customised mini report which tells you how 'strong' or 'weak' you are for your climbing grade. It also includes three training sessions so that you can use the Testing and Training Rung as a fingerboard.

5 product reviews

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Lattice Testing and Training Rung
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less is more

Perfect hangboard to get started, don't let the 20mm edge fool you, it's advanced enough (for me) for intensive finger strength training. The combo with the crimpd app is genius!

Very good choice

Work hard

Simple and extremely effective

You don't need a hyper complicated hanging machine for your training and these guys prove it with years of experience in training lots of normal people and pro athletes and lots of data. Two edges a big one for pullups and the 2cm rounded edge, which is not easy to hold on and relies a lot on actual strength instead of skin friction. Super soft on the skin. The crimpd app is the best training tool (free) on the market and works very well with the rung. Highly recommended.

Great board

The board is great on your fingers, and does everything you need from a fingerboard but at a far cheaper price.

Amazing Product!

This training rung is great! The wood finish is even nicer than I thought and you're able to train for very extended periods of time without destroying your skin. Every part of it is comfortable to train on and the wood quality is nice and smooth. The included testing instructions are very easy to follow and very useful with how much info Lattice has. My only complaint is that it did not come with mounting hardware.

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