Petzl Dual Connect Vario

Adjustable dynamic rope lanyard; can be used to equalise a belay station, in an abseil, or as a single-person lanyard at a belay. Show more >
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Petzl Dual Connect Vario

The Petzl Dual Connect Vario allows you to quickly set up an equalised belay station with the advantages of using a dynamic rope to increase safety and minimise the risk of shock loading. The Petzl Dual Connect Vario can also be used in an abseil situation by allowing you to connect your belay device off your harness for quicker descents, as well as being used to simply anchor yourself to an existing belay station. Whatever the situation, the adjustable arm allows for quick and easy adjustments to find the perfect length and removes the need to tie knots in a static sling, all whilst having the advantages of dynamic rope over static.

Tech specs

LENGTH180 cm
MATERIAL(S)Nylon, aluminum, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)


• Adapts to climbing, mountaineering and canyoning uses:
- may be used as a double lanyard to tether oneself, to install a rappel system or to move along a traverse line
- may be used to install an equalised belay station, which can be re-adjusted once installed
• Completely adjustable double lanyard:
- allows optimal positioning at the anchor, to facilitate maneuvers
- length of fixed arm can be adjusted to the climber's needs
- the ADJUST rope adjuster’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to manipulate, for quick and precise adjustment of the adjustable arm
- dynamic rope lanyard, to reduce the force transmitted to the user in the event of a short fall (1)
• Easy to use:
- connectors are held in position by a rubber ring, to facilitate clipping
- one-handed adjustment
- used with two Sm'D-type locking carabiners (e.g., SCREW-LOCK on the fixed arm and TWIST-LOCK on the adjustable arm).

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Dual Connect Vario
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