Petzl Sarken LeverLock Universal

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The Petzl Sarken LeverLock Universal Crampons are versatile technical mountaineering crampons designed for mixed and ice climbing, as well as ski mountaineering... Show more >
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Petzl Sarken LeverLock Universal

The Petzl Sarken LeverLock Universal Crampons are versatile technical mountaineering crampons designed for mixed and ice climbing, as well as ski mountaineering. Updates for 2016 mean the Petzl Sarken LeverLock Universal Crampons are now lighter, thanks to a stronger but thinner steel frame, and they’re also modular, meaning you can switch out the front sections for other Petzl front sections to suit your needs. The Sarken Crampons also feature a 12-point design that’s built to provide comfort on mixed terrain, effectively penetrate steep ice and keep you stable on snowy traverses. Petzl’s Antisnow plates keeps snow from clogging up the soles, making the Sarken Crampons ideal for anyone who likes a multitude of terrain on their missions.

Tech specs

WEIGHT870 g (with FIL), 905 g (with FIL FLEX)


Sarken LeverLock Universal

Leverlock Universal Bindings

Petzl’s Leverlock Universal bindings consist of the Fil and FilFlex systems, meaning you swap out the toe binding for compatibility with with ski boots, mountaineering boots with a heel and toe welt and mountaineering boots with just a heel welt. A versatile solution for technical routes and stiffer boots.

Sarken LeverLock Universal

Petzl’s New Modular Crampons

Petzl’s reworked crampons feature a brand new modular design, meaning you can switch the front sections for front sections of other Petzl crampons. Now you can have just one pair of crampons for everything, all you need to do is change the front sections, which saves plenty of pennies and means you can walk, climb and dry-tool in total confidence. Models with this system include the Vasak, Dartwin, Dart, Lynx and Irvis.

Sarken LeverLock Universal

Antisnow Plates

Petzl’s Antisnow plates are fitted to the bottom of your crampons and help to prevent snow building up and clumping around the points. This is particularly useful if you want to use your crampons for walking and glacier travel.

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Sarken LeverLock Universal
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Petzl Sarken

Really excellent product. I used them during the winter in Scotland and they never let me down. I used them with a B2 boot and had no problems. Like all Crampons make sure to fit them to your boot before you need them on the hill, this will help to prevent delays on the mountain where time can be critical. The straps are very long so I needed to cut them when I first fitted the Crampons. They only drawback is that they rust easily and need a bit of maintenance but nothing a bit of oil won't fix.

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