The North Face Cross Hype Jacket

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The North Face Cross Hype Jacket

New for 2015/16, The North Face designed to the Cross Hype Jacket to be their most comfortable and protective ski touring shell. Made from 3-layer Gore-Tex with a soft and durable Gore C-Knit backer, it’s built to be ultra-durable on the inside and out, with minimalistic features for the ultimate practicality and low weight. Underarm zip vents mean you can dump heat when you need to, while an adjustable, helmet compatible hood means you can hunker down and stay warm when the weather turns.

Tech specs

MATERIALSUpper body and side panels: 30 denier 3L Gore-Tex with C-Knit backer. Lower Body: 40 denier x 70 denier 3L Gore-Tex with C-Knit Backer.


Cross Hype Jacket

What is Gore-Tex?

Gore is a fabric manufacturer best known for their waterproof, breathable fabric Gore-Tex. The key to Gore-Tex is a membrane which provides the tech performance of the fabric; it is made of the same Teflon that is used to make your pots and pans non-stick. The real trick is making this super non-stick and delicate substance stick the the protective fabrics which turn it into the outdoor fabric we know and love. The bit which makes Gore-Tex special is this glueing process which is done in their top secret, big, blue machine. Only a few members of Gore’s staff know how this is done, it’s one of the biggest secrets in outdoor kit and has been the subject of many a nerdy forum post.

Cross Hype Jacket

Gore-Tex 3-layer Fabric

Gore-Tex 3-layer fabric is not quite as rugged and robust as its equivalent Pro shell, which has a super durable and abrasion resistant outer layer, but it still has all the same waterproof, windproof and breathable capabilities, making it ideal for snow sports and a bit of backcountry hiking. The Gore-Tex membrane is bonded with a soft outer fabric and a knit polyester liner, for the maximum comfort and performance over a range of different temperatures and activities. The Gore-Tex membrane is so effective because it is covered with millions of tiny pores, which are too small to let water droplets, but are large enough to let water vapour out. The high pressure that builds inside s sweaty jacket is what allows the moisture vapour to escape through the membrane to the low pressure of the outside world, keeping you comfortable and warm at all times.

Cross Hype Jacket

Gore C-Knit Backer

Gore developed their C-Knit backer to work in conjunction with their Gore-Tex products, to make them more durable and increase their longevity. The C-Knit Backer is a special lining, which does no end of good: it improves the comfort and warmth of your outerwear, as well as being super-durable. So as well as being protected from the outside, clothing with a C-Knit backer provides protection from the inside, too, without compromising the effectiveness of the Gore-Tex itself.

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Cross Hype Jacket
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