Unparallel TN Pro Climbing Shoe

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Tomoa Narasaki is one of the best competition climbers in the world, he has already won 2 World Cups and one World Championship, he's even flashed 8B+ all at the... Show more >
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Unparallel TN Pro Climbing Shoe

Tomoa Narasaki is one of the best competition climbers in the world, he has already won 2 World Cups and one World Championship, he's even flashed 8B+ all at the age of 23, and luck would have it, that he helped design the TN Pro Climbing Shoe, it's actually his signature shoe. It has 4.2MM RH rubber it will give you all the friction you need to stand on micro edges. The Midsole is quite stiff giving you lots of power through your toes when standing on small edges whether that's on a slabs or overhangs. The upper is unlined synthetic which has a little but not much stretch so you don't have to worry about the shoe bagging out. So if you looking for a downturned stiff performance shoe that is great at edging, toe hooking and heel hooking then look no further.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sole thickness


> 4.2mm RH rubber
> Harder Stifness Midsole and hardest downturn performance shoes
> Unlined Synthetic Upper

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TN Pro Climbing Shoe
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Replacement for the 5.10 Hiangles

I bought myself a pair of TN Pro's to replace my 5.10 Hiangle's from last season, since the new Hiangle's are now split sole I wanted a full sole shoe similar to last seasons model.

Well, you cant get closer to the old Hiangles than the Unparrelel Regulus or TN Pro. The only reason I chose the TN Pro over the Regulus was because of the stock at the time of my order.

Overall I am fairly happy with the TN Pro, there are a couple things different from the Hiangles:

- Unparralels RH rubber is far harder than 5.10's C4 rubber. C4 sticks way better than the RH rubber where smearing or slab climbing, but both perform well on edging.
- The TN Pro's have a much more aggressively inwards turn to them, much more than the straight Hiangles.
- The downturn is similar to the Hiangles.
- I'm a street size 43, and I wore a 44 Hiangle which fit me very snug, I went for a size 43 TN Pro and to be honest I could have gone one size smaller.
- The pull tabs on the Hiangles were better placed than on the TN Pro

That's about it, hope my review helped you out.

Honestly surprised with the 5 star reviews

Overall the shoe is just okay. The hiangles were my go to shoe and I hoped that these could replace them. Short answer is no they didn't. Gym performance is low imo, outdoors I'd say they perform better but not marginally. Rubber is definitely not as sticky as the c4 compound from the fiveten line. Decent cheap shoe but I wouldn't buy again.. hoping for better models from unparalleled in the future.

Good performance

This shoe has a narrow entrance.
It's hard to wear.
This shoes will soften over time.
Highly sticky rubber always helps me.

Perfect bouldering shoes

Very similar to old version 5.10 Hiangle (made in US), but with better heel and more sticky rubber. Midsole is stiffer, after break-in fits like Hiangles and they are very comfortable for agressive, performance shoes. I wear a size 9,5 UK/44 EU street shoes, 9 UK/43 EU Hiangle and 9 UK/43 EU TN Pro - the size is the same. I loved old version 5.10 Hiangle, for me best all-round shoes and Unparallel TN Pro are even better.

Quality shoe

Excels at everything really. While it feels stiffer than solution/skwama it stills perform really well on volumes indoor. 3-4 sessions to break in. The heel rand is quite stiff and it took me almost 3 months to put them on without a struggle. Only drawback for me is that they color my foot blue after use.

For sizing I wear these in eur 42. Same as I would regulus. Other references: Solution 40, skwama 39, python 39,5 and theory 39,5.

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