Unparallel Up Rise VCS Climbing Shoe

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An all-round climbing shoe designed by the guys who created the Five Ten Anasazi VCS. Features new rubber called UnParallel 'Real Honor' rubber. Show more >
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Unparallel Up Rise VCS Climbing Shoe

The UnParallel Up Rise VCS is a true all-rounder that performs on any terrain. It's based on the same last as the Five Ten Anasazi VCS, but the original creators have made some improvements to the fit of their new version and used a new rubber compound called UnParallel 'Real Honor'. Real Honor is the stiffest rubber UnParallel make, and when combined with the Up Rise VCS' medium-stiff midsole, it provides support and stability on small edges and micro footholds whilst still maintaining the ability to smear. Moderate downturn and asymmetry ensure precision and sensitivity without being too uncomfortable. A proper all-rounder that will get you up anything.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Black / Grey
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
UnParallel 'Real Honor' Rubber
Sole thickness


Up Rise VCS Climbing Shoe

UnParallel 'Real Honor' Rubber

'Real Honor' is the hardest rubber UnParallel have to offer. It's exceptionally good at edging and provides added support to the foot on small holds and longer climbs.


• VD (Virtual Demping) rubber toe patch, UnParallel's softest and stickiest rubber compound
• Lined synthetic upper won't stretch, so buy true to size

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Up Rise VCS Climbing Shoe
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Did not fit me

Read lots of reviews before buying this shoe and I my expectations were really high. Overall a well made shoe with great materals. However unfortantly the heel part did not fit me at all. It's way to high for me which really hurted my acilles after a few climbing sessions.

I sold them and bought Scarpa Arpia instead. Not as comfortable as a completly flat shoe but felt almost like a mocasin and much better comfort than the akillesproblem with Unparalleled.

Solid shoe

I bought this after wearing out my 5.10 Anasazi VCS. The fit is almost exactly the same. The toe patch is really nice and actually helps it feel just that little bit better over the 5.10 for me.

The shoe is comfortable and it seems to be very well built however the 2 things that prevent me from giving this a 5 is the heel comes up that little bit higher than the 5.10 which is irritating my achilles and I've found the rubber to slip slightly every now and then despite feeling very sticky 99% of the rest of the time. I've only used them a few times as I write this so they could need a little more roughing up to improve that feeling.

Great shoes

I've used 5:10 velcros for year's. These fit me exactly the same in terms of sizing. However, the slingshot heal and the split tongue are much improved. The rubber is every bit as good as 5:10 rubber as you would expect given the people involved.

The build quality seems to be good. But this based an the difficulties the doctors had cutting a shoe off after an accident. Will definitely be getting another pair.

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