Unparallel Regulus Climbing Shoe

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Designed by the creators of the Five Ten Hiangle, but with an improved fit and a new rubber compound. Show more >
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Unparallel Regulus Climbing Shoe

The UnParallel Regulus is a downturned and stiff climbing shoe which offers exceptional comfort despite its aggressive profile. The UnParallel Regulus is designed by the creators of the Five Ten Hiangle but offers an improved fit and new rubber compound, UnParallel 'Real Honor' Rubber. Real Honor is the hardest rubber UnParallel make and provides maximum support on small edges and micro footholds. The Regulus' unlined synthetic upper provides maximum sensitivity and helps to maintain the shoe's downturn. Overhanging sport climbs with lots of small footholds is where the Regulus excels, however its ability to provide precision, support, and comfort make it a favourite amongst climbers who want performance without pain.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
UnParallel 'Real Honor' Rubber
Sole thickness


Regulus Climbing Shoe

UnParallel 'Real Honor' Rubber

'Real Honor' is the hardest rubber UnParallel have to offer. It's exceptionally good at edging and provides added support to the foot on small holds and longer climbs.


• UnParallel's stiffest downturned shoe providing both comfort and absolute precision for any angle and all styles of climbing
• Extended rubber over the toe box provides extra friction for toe hooking
• The highly tensioned heel and sling shot randing locks the foot into the shoe, providing extra power and bomb proof heel hooks

3 product reviews

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Regulus Climbing Shoe
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Excellent shoe

Very little break-in time, very snug and has a fairly slim heel that suited me better than the vast majority of shoes. Performance-wise there is very little to complain about; it can capably smear, edge, and hook any way you need it to. Do note that the sole rubber is rather soft and thin, so it’s not likely to live very long.

Like a rubber sock!

The Regulus caress your feet when you put them on for the first time and yet they excel on the wall!
They work really well on every kind of wall. The sticky rubber really seems to be sucked in to the wall.
The heel cup is a little different than the Hiangle, but it´s only a good thing. I feel it makes the shoe more downturned and really wraps the whole nicely around your foot. The inside material is really soft and comfortable.

The rubber on the toe hook is beyond belief! Sticky and there´s enough of it. Toe hooks will stay on their place with these shoes.
I sized the shoes true to street shoe size and they are just perfect. I might squeeze in a half size smaller but I bet the break in period would be long and painful. Before I have had Hiangles half a size smaller than my street shoe, but they are leather shoes so they did a lot of stretching. The Regulus is fully synthetic and there will be only slight molding on my feet.

The Regulus will be my choice of shoe especially on overhanging terrain, but I bet they can take on every kind of terrain.
Only complain is that the pull on strap already lost some of its stitching, but maybe I used a bit too much force when pulling them on.
Overall, one should really get ones feet into these shoes.
You will not be disappointed!

My chosen alternative...

Put off by the fact that Adidas moved the production to China, sacked all US workers and increased the prices of all models significantly, I started to look for an alternative to my beloved Hiangles...this shoe it is! I can't really say it is low volume, since it appears to be slightly higher in valume than my Hiangle Synthetics but that actually makes it fit my foot even better. I chose the same size as for my Hiangles - UK 8 for performance fit - and so far have been a VERY HAPPY customer! Thumbs up Unparallel for giving me a small brand alternative!
Chris Mengel

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