Tenaya Tatanka Climbing Shoe

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The Tatanka is Tenaya’s most asymmetrical lace-up climbing shoe, designed to be aggressive but also super-comfortable for a wide range of climbs. The sensitive ... Show more >
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Tenaya Tatanka Climbing Shoe

The Tatanka is Tenaya’s most asymmetrical lace-up climbing shoe, designed to be aggressive but also super-comfortable for a wide range of climbs. The sensitive midsole and down-turned shape make this an ultra-responsive shoe that grips and smears like a pro, lending itself to technical, steep climbs, and anything else you care to throw at it. As always with Tenaya, the lined tongue and synthetic upper of the Tatanka mean it’ll fit like a glove; great for an advanced climber who wants a comfortable shoe to do difficult climbs in.

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Tatanka Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip

The original winning compound, Vibram XS Grip is a rubber that’s especially engineered for climbing shoes. Its primary function is to provide the best function on all kinds of rock in every condition, without losing its shape, as well remaining durable and supportive throughout its life.

Tatanka Climbing Shoe


SXRDynamics is a movement adjustment system exclusively developed by Tanaya. It allows the shoe to direct power to the toebox based on the position of your foot for the ultimate precision on the smallest of features. It utilises a special joining technique so that the rand stays vertical to the sole when you put pressure anywhere on the toes, instead of bulging out, which can put you off balance. This means you have more sensitivity and precision, whatever your position on the rock.

Tatanka Climbing Shoe

What Others Have to Say About the Tenaya Tatanka

"The Tenaya Tatanka is an incredible all-around shoe that performs at an elite level without the typical pain of aggressive shoes. And if you love vertical, overhanging, delicate, or technical climbs that require precise footwork, this could be your shoe of choice."

Find out if the Tenaya Tatanka is the climbing shoe for you in this detailed review from Blister Gear Review by Hannah Trim.

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Tatanka Climbing Shoe
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perfect fit!

First of all, I must heap all the praise I can to EpicTV staff, your customer support truly is EPIC, delivery quick and secure, nothing but praise for your team, so thank you once again!

So, the Tenaya Tatanka have been "a blind buy" to be honest. I haven't had the chance to try them out in person before, but something drew me to these shoes, call it a hunch if you will. EpicTV support team helped me out with sizing since I've used LaSportiva Katana until recently.The first surprise after receiving delivery was the touch of class by EpicTV shop and "thank you" note (with a smiley face) written in my native language. The second surprise was how Tenaya Tatanka were amazing choice even though it was a blind buy. The usual product description says "they fit straight from the box, no adjustment time needed" - and I can say it's true word for word. The shoe fits perfectly, they are so comfortable that I haven't touched my Katana's since I got Tatanka. The rest of the official description of Tatanka is also true, word for word, so I wont write about how good they feel, how good the heel is or any of the "official" description details (you can find them anywhere online).
What I will tell you is that Tatanka have changed my climbing, in short period of time they have affected my style and confidence. From the first couple of sessions I've firmly decided I'm buying at least one more pair of them, and after couple of sessions later I've noticed how I started to climb with more ease, confidence and instinct. The softer rubber on the Tatanka gives you great feeling of the rock, and you feel every move. That gives you security (at least it did for me), I started to trust my shoes like I haven't before, and it made the climbing feel more natural. I love climbing where you need good friction, and Tatanka are perfect for it. They stick to the wall like they are part of it, they feel perfectly comfortable and they are precise in every situation. I've mostly used them indoors (there aren't many places to climb outdoor over here during the winter), but I did try them out outdoor first (before the winter came), and they felt the same, secure, comfortable, just epic!
Every climber has his/hers style, and Tatanka have revolutionized mine, they have pushed me further and made me feel the change in my every climb. These were the perfect fit for me, and as soon as I get the chance, I'm getting another pair of them!

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