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Tenaya Tarifa Climbing Shoe

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The Tenaya Tarifa is a high-performance laced climbing shoe with a particular focus on edging. Versatile and adaptable, the Tenaya Tarifa is suitable for hard sport climbing and bouldering, and it comes with Tenaya's unique fit and talent in biomechanics for exceptional comfort. Show more >
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Tenaya Tarifa Climbing Shoe

A little stiffer through the midsole, the Tarifa is Alex Megos' preferred choice on any climb that features lots of technical micro-edging. Who are we to argue with Megos?

The midsole has been made to be stiffer, the laces allow for a more precise fit and create a stiffer edging platform, and Tenaya's signature RB RangeX and SXRDynamics technologies that work with the foot's biomechanics increase the shoe's responsiveness, allowing you to climb more intuitively and be more stable and controlled on foot holds. Moderate camber, a slightly downturned toe, and thin 3.5 mm Vibram XS Grip rubber provide performance and sensitivity on overhanging terrain for varied sport climbs and boulder problems.

The fast-lace system is quicker and easier to use than regular lacing systems for faster on-and-offs in between climbs. The synthetic upper means you can wear this shoe straight out-of-the-box with no breaking in required, and you can be sure this no-stretch material will maintain the shoe's powerful shape. The Tarifa is a great shoe for narrower feet.

For any climber seeking a high-performance sport climbing and bouldering shoe who often climbs vertical faces or limestone edges, the Tarifa is supportive and stiff, yet sensitive and aggressive. Perfect for all types of climbs.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Narrow Foot
0.34 kg (Size 40 EU)
Medium Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip
Sole thickness


Tarifa  Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip™

Original rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Tarifa  Climbing Shoe


Tenaya's movement-adjustment system that focuses power towards the big toe. This system is unlike any other found on a climbing shoe. It actively adjusts power based on the foot's position for smart precision on the smallest of features which prevents the rand from bulging out, which can knock you off balance. This means you have more control, more balance, and more power, on every foothold.

9 product reviews

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Tarifa Climbing Shoe
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リピート3足目 エッジング性能が最高

足のサイズは実寸26cm(ストリートシューズは 26.5cm)で、UK5.5 です。

Never looked back

I discovered both Tenaya and Tarifa about two years ago - and this has been my only pair of shoes since. They are comfortable, I can keep them on during an entire bouldering session, and they fit perfectly my narrow feet. Highly recommended, either these ones - or any of the Tenaya shoes.

Excellent all-rounder

This is an incredibly versatile climbing shoe. It edges like a boss, but also excels at heel hooking and is just soft enough to smear.
Even though the rubber on the sole is quite thin and soft (amazing sensitivity!), it doesn't wear out that fast. I've been climbing outdoors with these shoes for months and the rubber still holds up quite well.
I'm on my second pair of these because they fit my feet like a glove. They are super comfortable from the first time you slip them on. I have quite narrow feet and I have no dead space in these because I can lace them up however tight I need them to be.
The only slight downside would be that I have had to superglue a small part of both the toe patch and heel strip back on, but considering the longevity of these shoes and the amount of outdoor climbing they go through it's not a big issue.

Street shoe size: 40, Tarifa size: 38 3/4

Comfortable and precise feeling, sticky rubber!

I wear street shoe 46 and get these one on 45 for multi pitch climbs and 44 for sport routes. I do have wide feet and these shoes are rather tight in the front. Overall the shoes are really precise and great for edging and smearing as well in all types of rock. It's not my preferred shoe for crack climbing, though.
Downside: The glue of the front rubber loses quite fast (within 4 month = roughly 30 climbing days).

Comfortable, precise and powerful but short-lived

Incredibly tight yet comfortable fit, great edging and precision in the front of the shoe and the stiffness gives them a lot of power. There's just a few minor things that could do with improvement... The rubber strip on the heel is very narrow meaning that much higher levels of precision are needed when doing any technical heel hooking, the rubber on the top of the toes designed to assist in toe hooking began to peel off after only a few months use (stuck back down with shoe glue). And sadly I wore through the front of the rubber quicker than I have with any other pair of shoes, happened to the left and right shoe in the same week!
Overall a great shoe (one of my faves), I just wish they had a bit more rubber on the heel and a longer last to them.

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