Tenaya Mundaka Climbing Shoe

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The Tenaya Mundaka draws heavily from the Oasi - the shoe worn by Alex Megos on the world's first 9a onsight - taking away none of its style and performance but... Show more >
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Tenaya Mundaka Climbing Shoe

The Tenaya Mundaka draws heavily from the Oasi - the shoe worn by Alex Megos on the world's first 9a onsight - taking away none of its style and performance but making some changes. The middle part of the sole is now very soft, making the Mundaka more precise than the Oasi and with better sensitivity for overhanging problems. Don't worry though, as it's not all about the steep stuff; they've kept the toe-box nice and hard so as to not sacrifice edging power performance on the vertical. To make this shoe more durable, Tenaya have placed the Mundaka's rand over the heel rubber to prevent it from peeling off. A useful addition if you're going to be doing a lot of heel-hooking manoeuvres. As for features, the Mundaka has the easy-to-use Draxtor® lacing system with two adjustable length webbings attached to a velcro strap for fast on-and-offs and a precise fit, and the SXRDynamics® rand that prevents toe bulging and keeps the climber's weight loaded precisely on a foot hold. With a synthetic upper, the Mundaka will not stretch at all and maintain its performance shape over its entire use.

An offspring of the high-performance Oasi, the Mundaka is very much the brother of the shoe that sent Alex Megos up his record breaking climb, but a slightly different design built to perform on and endure through more technical routes and problems.

We recommend sizing a half size to a full size down from your normal climbing shoe size.

Tech specs

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Sole material
Vibram XS Grip
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Mundaka Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip™

Original rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Mundaka Climbing Shoe


A highly precise, fast, and efficient lacing system. The webbing can be adjusted to the length to fit your foot's unique morphology, so every time you velcro up you'll have the same custom fit.

Mundaka Climbing Shoe


Tenaya's movement-adjustment system that focuses power towards the big toe. This system is unlike any other found on a climbing shoe. It actively adjusts power based on the foot's position for smart precision on the smallest of features which prevents the rand from bulging out, which can knock you off balance. This means you have more control, more balance, and more power, on every foothold.

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Mundaka Climbing Shoe
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this shoes will climb for you

What can I say about this wonderful miracles? they are even VEGAN! better impossible.

Comfortable, aggressive, and great toe patch!

I’m onto my 2nd pair now, and I absolutely love these. Tried the other Tenayas and these definitely fit wider (which works perfectly for me) and has allowed me to downsize to an 8.5 (I wear 9.5 street shoes). Loads of rubber with slits for movementon the toe patch and a big toe box means downsizing is super comfortable, and the strapping system is both flexible, and a lot more hard wearing than I expected! Will be getting many more pairs!

Sapatilha ideal

Primeira sapatilha de modelo agressivo que comprei e simplesmente adorei.
Justa e precisa!!
As duas primeiras sessões com ela foram desagradáveis pois apertava bastante. Mas logo depois passaram a servir como uma luva.

Great shoe, extremely comfortable

I've owned these, the Tarifa and Oasi now, the mundaka definitely fits much wider than the others but offers more comfort and flexibility because of that. I found them to excel on smeary/polished feet as they conform very well but definitely fall behind on precision edging and small pockets as the toe box is wide. The heel is a bit sloppy and takes some getting used to if you're used to a fitted heel cup but gives really good feedback on delicate smears. Definitely my go to shoes for shorter, steep routes and bouldering.

Great Bouldering/Sport Shoe - On My 2nd Pair

I was hesitant to switch from my trusty Anasazi LVs having stuck with them for many years, but the Mundaka has won me over.

From first fit they're comfy AF (in a kind of anaconda-cuddle way) with just the right amount of all-over squeeze so you know they'll perform without totally destroying your feet, and over six/nine months of use they hold that feeling well with minimal stretch/sagging. I've always struggled with heel fit, even shoes that are perfect at first often end up useless for hooks, and these never feel like slipping at all.

In terms of performance, the best thing I can say is that I'm rarely ever thinking about the shoes themselves. After the first couple of sessions in each pair it's easy to forget about the shoes and just get on with the business of climbing. If you're looking for an all-day shoe these might not be the best however as that performance fit tends to get a bit much after a few hours of solid use.

I had to size down a fair bit for these, I usually wear 7.5/8 street shoes 6.5 Anasazi LV and went down to a 5.5 UK to get them right.

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