Tenaya Mastia Climbing Shoe

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The Mastia is Tenaya's newest climbing shoe you may have seen the pro's wearing. It is ideal for sport climbing and bouldering on overhangs and vertical walls. ... Show more >
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Tenaya Mastia Climbing Shoe

The Mastia is Tenaya's newest climbing shoe you may have seen the pro's wearing. It is ideal for sport climbing and bouldering on overhangs and vertical walls. One thing Tenaya is known for is making high-performance climbing shoe's that are comfortable, luckily the Mastia is no exception, this means you don't have to cry tears of pain every time you put your climbing shoes on! With its splits sole, SXR Dynamics and RBRX technologies giving you a more fluid natural climbing style.

The Mastia has Tenaya's first Thermo moulded heel cup with friction lock technology which gives you a secure fit and will help you on powerful heel hooks. Standing on small holds will be as easy as toasting bread on a Sunday afternoon, with the Mastia stiff toe box you can stand on tiny edges and get the power you need to make the next move. Even though the toe box is stiff it has a flexible midsole which lets you be able to smear just as well as they can edge. Another great feature about the Mastia ( I know more!) is it has a very thin breathable tongue, ideal for sweaty sessions and letting your foot breath when you're trying hard. Some other facts you might want to know before making your decision are; they have a big patch of toe rubber great for toe hooks, they are synthetic so have minimal stretch and last but not least they're wider compared to other Tenaya models.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip
Sole thickness


Mastia Climbing Shoe

> Super sticky rubber covers the upper part of the toe-box and instep
> Lightweight and breathable bellows tongue that protects direct contact of the elastic of the instep with the foot.
> Two-part sole
> Glove-like fit.
> Precision fit and design holds the arch and heel of the foot snugly and securely.

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Mastia Climbing Shoe
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Best heel from Tenaya, their best bouldering shoe yet

I'm a fan of the Iati and Mundaka, this one feels different. It's way stiffer than the Mundaka, maybe even more than the Iati, but still as sensitive. You won't have that stretchy sock feeling you usually get in other Tenayas. It's still a great shoe however, very precise, and the heel is superior to other tenayas, where the thin slice of rubber at the back would peel when doing a sideway heel hook (with the knee/foot looking backward), not a big problem on routes but that stuff occurs often when bouldering. First go with these I just slapped the heel on a big sloper that was causing me trouble and it held perfectly. On the downside I would have prefered their other lacing system, since this is a slipper I hope the upper won't become all loose and saggy with time.
You'll need to get 1/2 size below the Mundaka (I'm 45 street, 42.5 for Mundaka, 42 Iati, 42.5 solution/miura, 42 this one).

Very nice

You have to downsize quite a bit with these, I have EU42/43 in street shoes and downsized to EU39.5. They are great for standing on small holds and works for volumes but not as well. The toe part is nice and works well for toe hooks, and the heel is very nice, and fits my foot much better than other shoes I´ve tried.

All in all, great shoe, but you need to downsize quite a bit!

Tenaya Mastia interesting fit

The Mastia is incredibly sensitive in both the toes and heel of the shoe. you can feel every little movement, and edge which is awesome! Additionally it is super easy to get on and off which can be another plus.

However, for those looking for the shoe to fit like a sock, or compression sleeve, the mastia might not be for you. The mastia has a bunch of volume specifically in the mid foot. It feels like I have a lot of dead space on the top of my foot and that the shoe is loose.

I think if they took the closure system of the Iati and put it on the mastia that would alleviate some of that issue.

All in all, I enjoy the shoe and have had no issues in performance despite the less snug fit.

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