SO ILL The New Zero Climbing Shoe

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Just released So iLL's brand new high performing bouldering and sport climbing shoe designed for advanced and elite climbers, The New Zero, is super aggressive, super soft and ready to take down some major projects. Show more >
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SO ILL The New Zero Climbing Shoe

The New Zero climbing shoe is a new performance benchmark for So iLL, the softest and most aggressive shoe in the So iLL range. Named after and inspired by THE testpiece and best line at the Holy Boulders, Southern Illinois; an absolutely gorgeous V13 (F8b) on sticky holds with perfect Fontainebleau friction, through horrible slopers to a hard heel hook or hop move at the lip.

The New Zero has the softness and sensitivity of a slipper with added stability provided by the tensioned heel and toe box and single strap. The downturned toe performs on steep overhanging bouldering and the supersoft midsole and soft toe allows full sensitivity and contact on the smallest of smears. The New Zero is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches. So iLL boast it is the stickiest rubber you will experience.

For a high level shoe, The New Zero is incredibly comfortable making the fit pretty perfect straight out of the box. The synthetic vegan upper is made from fabric normally used on the inside of work boots and the stitching is made from one of the softest threads in the world.The Dark Matter toe rubber meets the rand by butting up together precisely, with no overlapping. This is incredibly hard to do in production, together with seamless stitching means there are no hot spots.

So iLL have utilised their distinctive simple and contemporary styling in designing this technical shoe and practical functionality such as the easy to cut straps without fraying. Fashion forward block grey marl colouring throughout the upper and So iLL branding on the heel loops and strap.

Tech specs

Upper material
Inner material
Closure type
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
Dark Matter Rubber


The New Zero Climbing Shoe


• Ideal for; Elite/Advanced climbing, Bouldering/Sport, Smearing, Steep Terrain
• Dark Matter Rubber
• Downturned Toe
• Ultra Thin Midsole
• Full Toe Coverage
• Seamless Toe Cap
• Synthetic Upper
• Slipper Mid
• Single Strap Tightening
• Comfy Synthetic Interior

The New Zero Climbing Shoe

Dark Matter Rubber

Dark Matter Rubber was originally formulated for the US Navy Seals, who required a rubber compound that would reliably get them out of un-sticky situations. So iLL acquired the compound and adapted it for their climbing shoes, calling it Dark Matter Rubber. It's the world's first coloured rubber to retain all of its friction and grip properties.

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The New Zero Climbing Shoe
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Amazing Shoes

I'd highly recommend you follow the sizing guide on the SoIll website for this pair! It fits me perfectly and the shoe is super comfortable and sticks well to the wall like nothing else - No complaints!

I will not buy them again - worst heel I ever seen

The rubber on these shoes is super sticky, which is great. However, with such properties come a fast degradation and consumption of this rubber with shortens the usage-life of these shoes.
I purchased the shoe size recommended by the official website soill, and was just great. The toe box is decent, although it will better suit someone with wider feed. If you have narrow feed I would just avoid them. However, I have a huge complain. During my 8 years climbing carreer I have tried a wide variety of shoes brands, but the heel on this shoe is the worst I ever had in any shoe. the feeting is all wrong, which leave it with a lot empty spaces and makes it impossible to heel and the rubber on the heel will just bend all the way until popping out of your food. Some people will say that the sizing was just not right. But the real problem for me was the velcro technology used on this shoe. When placing a heel and applying the correct force, it would not be able to withstand the forces and would just detach. Really disappointing for a shoe of this price.

Great comfort climbing shoe for experr

I like this sticky rubber. But mostly i love is wide forefoot. Who has degenerated foot from small climbing shoes should go for this one. My fingers have a lot of space to work properly , touch and feel every small edge and feel the rock. This shoe is not so sharp like other agresive shoes. very sensitive shoe. Perfect for limestone climbing.

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