SO ILL Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe

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SO ILL Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe

The Free Range Pro is next level. We’ve taken all the things you love about the original Free Range and changed some technical features to improve performance. We started by making a stiffer toe box and adding rubber to the toe to increase toe hooking capabilities. The Free Range pro also offers a split outsole for flexibility, along with a stiff midsole for better heel hooking, to keep you confident on all those projects requiring extreme foot precision.

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Downturned Toe


Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe

Dark Matter Rubber

Dark Matter Rubber was originally formulated for the US Navy Seals, who required a rubber compound that would reliably get them out of un-sticky situations. So iLL acquired the compound and adapted it for their climbing shoes, calling it Dark Matter Rubber. It's the world's first coloured rubber to retain all of its friction and grip properties.

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Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe
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