SO ILL Free Range Climbing Shoe

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The Free Range is the most aggressive climbing shoe from So iLL, the brand that has set its sights on satisfying the needs of the new breed of climbers they have... Show more >
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SO ILL Free Range Climbing Shoe

The Free Range is the most aggressive climbing shoe from So iLL, the brand that has set its sights on satisfying the needs of the new breed of climbers they have witnessed entering the climbing scene. So iLL have truly set themselves apart from the competition, becoming the most successful climbing Kickstarter campaign to date with their first prototype, the Runner, the first climbing shoe with coloured rubber that retained complete stickiness. We are currently one of only two retailers stocking these shoes in the entirety of Europe.

So, the Free Range, the high-performance model. Its much more aggressive than previous models, with a focus on technical precision. It features an interesting one-strap closure system that keeps dead spots to a minimum and allows for variable tightening, and a medium-stiff toe box with a downturned toe to ensure both on small edges with a level of sensitivity on overhanging problems. Rubber now covers a large portion of the toe-box area for better toe-hooking, and a high-tension heel enhances technical precision even further. As usual, So iLL have utilised their patented "Dark Matter" rubber, a compound originally designed for the boots of the U.S. Navy Seals.

At its soul, the Free Range is So iLL's statement that they can create high-performance shoes for the serious climber. They boast a higher price tag than most other brands, but they are completely unique in what they are doing: building shoes for the climber seeking a blend of fashion and function; shoes that combine performance and style; shoes that look like nothing else out there.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sole material
Dark Matter Rubber


Free Range Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• Patented fishhook midsole
• Synthetic upper won't stretch
• Thick padded tongue for better comfort
• Single strap tightening allows for fast and easy on/offs with variable mid and high-foot closure
• Dark Matter Rubber, unique to So iLL shoes
• Semi-stiff toebox with downturned toe for all-round performance

Free Range Climbing Shoe

Dark Matter Rubber

Not the first shoe rubber to be coloured, however it is the first that still retains all of its friction and grip properties. Dark Matter rubber, a member of the “unParallel Rubber” family, was originally formulated by the US Navy Seals who required sole material for their shoes that would ensure complete security of foot placements in some of the most treacherous places on the planet. So iLL acquired the compound and adapted it for climbing shoes, thanks to its credibility for getting the Seals out of un-sticky situations.

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Free Range Climbing Shoe
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You know that feeling when your foot slips?

With this shoe you can forget that feeling!
When you place your foot on a hold or a volume, no matter how bad it is, it stays there until you take it of. Due to the downturned shape you can stand on very small holds and heel hooks are no problem too. Toe hooks also hold on to everything because of the rubber on top of the shoe.
The only two disadvantages are the price and that the rubber uses up quite quickly.
So, if you search for a high performance climbing shoe, that is very sticky and aggressive, this is a very good choice.
P.S. I got them in size 43 and my street shoe size is 43,5 and I have a very comfortable fit but for a very tight fit I would recommend to buy them one size down from your street shoe size.

green, performance, comfort

I bought a pair of the Free Range in January. After braking in I found them very comfy and I got them 1 size up to my street shoes (as suggest by So Ill guys). I use them forth both bouldering and wall climbing.. What I really like about them is the way you put them on. You can put the tongue back and step in to the shoe. Quick and easy. The rubber is super stick and I love the green colour. They stand out in the sea of La Sportiva shoes that seems to be the most popular around the gyms I go to.

One of the best choice

Extremley good rubber! The size you need is one size smaller than your normal street shoes. It has only one week point: price... But worth it!

Nice, Good, Green

Colour is wonderful and material are really comfortable and soft.
Agresive profile and type of rubber take you a great support for you new project.
But this type of shoe isn't for begginers. (Just my oppinion)
Only one minus for this shoe, the clip for the closure system could be from steel.

Very good shoe but also very expensive

I can't fault the design or the rubber. The shoes are comfortable (assuming you follow So ill guidelines) and the rubber is fantastic! However at ~£130, they're one of the more expensive shoes. At this price, you may prefer a more mainstream shoe that can be resoled more easily.

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