Scarpa Vapor Lace Climbing Shoe - Last Season

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Last season's colours at a discounted price. Reduced to clear.
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Scarpa Vapor Lace Climbing Shoe - Last Season

Last season's colours at a discounted price. Reduced to clear.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Medium Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Edge
Sole thickness
Moderate Downturn


Vapor Lace Climbing Shoe - Last Season

Vibram XS Edge™

Rubber compound built for maximum performance on micro holds and extreme edging. This formula uses an improved plastic deformation resistance that ensures the utmost stability, rigidity, and support on footholds in hot or cold weather, as well as generally increasing durability.

Vapor Lace Climbing Shoe - Last Season

Bi-Tension Rand™

A rand that that pulls power from the toes to achieve performance with less tension and less painful toe cramming. The Bi-Tension Rand also reduces the amount of rubber needed under the toes, which means a lower weight and a higher sensitivity.

8 product reviews

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Vapor Lace Climbing Shoe - Last Season
Based on 8 ratings
Amazing shoe

Got these on liquidation and they are amazing. I sized them relatively aggressively (41, street shoe 8 US, Instinct VS 41, Finale 39.5) and they were very tight at first, but have really taken to my foot shape and now they fit the way I want them to. If you size looser, they will be a relatively flat shoe, but if sized a bit more aggressively they get a nice down turn and you can really drive the power through your toes. Great for overhanging sport climbing and I even did some bouldering with them while my other shoes were getting resoled. They're probably going to stay as my sport shoes for this summer outdoor season and then turn into my gym shoes over the winter.

The perfect shoe for me

I used to climb in the vapour V shoes from Scarpa. And i loved them. Then I bought these shoes half a size smaller, and I have climbed in them ever since. The laces allows fine tuning of the fit. And the stiffness of the midsole allows me to climb all day everyday.

durable and comfortable

this is my second pair, the first one lasted for almost 2 years with medium usage

Comfy but powerfull

Very comfy climbing shoes but very powerfull. I use them in bouldering and in sport climbing.

Great Comfort and Performance

Whether you slab, crack or overhang climbing these shoes performance is solid. The shoe's outsole is constructed of Vapor Vibram XS Edge Rubber. It gives a good balance between sticky and strong. The shoes build and rubber is stiff. Compared to the vapor velcro the rubber is harder keeping a sharp edge for longer. This means the shoes can edge on small edges. It will easily stick on f6c footholds. The shoe was obviously built with heel and toe hooking in mind. Although I haven’t done many of theses moves. Rubber extends over the toe and the heel. Toe area rubber doesn’t just help grip in these areas but protects your toes. When crack climbing toes are jammed into cracks. They can get sore and the shoe can often get worn through. The rubber on the toe will protect them. The shoes performance at smearing is pretty good although it must be remembered that the rubber favors edging as it is harder. Performance on gentle overhangs is also good. Slight down turning and sharp edges aid this. The shoes can hook holds and grip easily.

Although the shoes look aggressive they’re extremely comfortable. The construction of the shoe with microsuede and Scarpa’s rand design minimises potential foot pain. The shoe has pinpoint precision without any toe pain. They can easily handle 6C slab foot holds. I have heard they have no problem with higher grades. For people with odd shaped feet this shoe is perfect. The laces fit snug to your foot a characteristic velcro will never be able to rival. It should be remembered that the shoes don’t stretch much though so if they don’t fit try the size bigger.

Now onto the negatives. When you step onto a climb you might get a bit of a shoe fart. Trapped air in the heel area is pushed out making a wierd sound. But I don’t really care. The shoes are harder to get off compared to velcro alternatives. The laces take longer to do up and take off. However I think the benefit of a tight fit outweighs the time wasted.

Here's my conclusion. The shoes are the closest thing you're going to find to a jack of all trades. They perform well on most types of rock and angles. And they keep your foot snug and pain free.

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