Scarpa Origin Climbing Shoe

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The SCARPA Origin is a comfortable, all-day beginner’s climbing shoe, designed by the legendary Scarpa designer Heinz Mariacher who wished to create the ultimate... Show more >
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Scarpa Origin Climbing Shoe

The SCARPA Origin is a comfortable, all-day beginner’s climbing shoe, designed by the legendary Scarpa designer Heinz Mariacher who wished to create the ultimate performance rock shoe for the novice climber.

With the recognition that beginner’s climbing shoes need to be just as thought about in terms of design as any other type of shoe, Scarpa enlisted one of their most experienced designers to produce a shoe that would kickstart a climber’s passion: the result was the Scarpa Origin. A flat profile, neutral shape, and full-foot midsole is both comfortable and supportive, the best to build foot strength in the foot. An easy to use hook-and-loop dual velcro closure provides a secure fit with simple on-and-offs, but the real cherry on top is the upper: made of a lush leather, it ensures an all-day comfortable wear, and will mould to the foot perfectly to guarantee the minimum amount of stress with the greatest performance. Proprietary Vision rubber for the best combination of grip and durability.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Covey / Black
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
Sole thickness


Origin Climbing Shoe

VISION™ Rubber

SCARPA's Vision rubber, a proprietary compound that is both sticky and resilient to all the conditions that new climbers' feet will experience.

Origin Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• Everything has been designed to have beginner climbers climbing at their best
• Vision rubber is durable and sticky
• Leather upper gives a soft, padded feel for all-day comfort and a custom fit
• Flat, neutral shape is the most forgiving on beginner climber’s weak feet and toes
• Hook-and-loop dual velcro closures provide a tight fit and allow for easy on-and-offs on all climbs

4 product reviews

Average rating

Origin Climbing Shoe
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good performance but the straps and fit of the is not great

the top strap is lose and wonky, cant do it too tight or the loop thing on the other side will turn on the side. makes the heel kinda loose. performance in the toe area is good though so therefore 3 stars

Beginners only

I always have 3 sets of shoes. 1 cheap n comfy beginner that is my go to for almost everything and only when I start slipping with these do I whip out my other 2: 1 hard & moderatly aggressive for micro edges on slab and 1 soft n very aggressive for bouldering and smearing.

I got these to replace my other beginner shoes, ocun strike. Street shoe size 42 and I got these in 41 which gives a snug fit with slightly crimped toes but still comfy enough for all day use without having to take them off after every pitch.

Build quality is great, especially for the price. Soles seem to be very durable, definatly better then my strikes. However they really lack grip. I have to whip out my fancy shoes far more often than with my strikes. My strikes were good enough for most 7b pitches but with the origins I find grip lacking on most 6c's. Id only recommend these for absolute beginners. I wouldn't buy again, will get another set of strikes when these need replacing. (Perhaps sooner since now I am wearing out my other more expensive shoes more then necessary)

great for beginners

The shoe is great for beginners, although i think personally i could have gotten a size smaller than what i got. definitely try them on first if possible. overall solid choice for beginners.

My first climbing shoes

These shoes are comfortable while still being able to stick to small edges, the rubber lasts a long while as it is 5mm thick. They also look very good and high end even for beginners shoes. They are a good price as well for how well they perform.

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