Scarpa Instinct VSR Climbing Shoe

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The Scarpa Instinct VSR is the soft and supple climbing shoe of the Instinct family tree, with a technical and sensitive design made for hard sport climbing and... Show more >
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Scarpa Instinct VSR Climbing Shoe

The Scarpa Instinct VSR is the soft and supple climbing shoe of the Instinct family tree, with a technical and sensitive design made for hard sport climbing and bouldering.

The Scarpa Instinct VSR shares a similar design to its sister shoe, the Scarpa Instinct VS, but it features a velcro closure for a more precise fit as well as a slightly thicker rubber for better durability. With a focus on friction over edging, the Instinct VSR is better suited to overhanging and steep routes, glassy and polished rock, and smearing on slabs. The Instinct family is known for its high levels of sensitivity, and the VSR is no different. The signature Bi-Tension rand, which drives power through the toes without causing discomfort, and the high-friction toe patch, for maximum grip during toe-hooks, that make the Instinct family so renowned still feature on the Instinct VRS, but it's its softer nature and XS Grip 2 rubber that makes it the golden child for technical sport routes and hard boulder problems. Also ideal for lighter climbers.

The Instinct VSR features a microsuede upper which will break-in, but will not stretch. This will maintain the shoe's performance over its entire lifespan. Size accordingly.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Blue / Black
0.43 kg (Size 40 EU)
Medium Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip 2
Sole thickness
Moderate Downturn


Instinct VSR Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip2™

Rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Instinct VSR Climbing Shoe

Bi-Tension Rand™

A rand that that pulls power from the toes to achieve performance with less tension and less painful toe cramming. The Bi-Tension Rand also reduces the amount of rubber needed under the toes, which means a lower weight and a higher sensitivity.

Instinct VSR Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• Specialised toe patch is made from softer rubber for high-friction toe-hooking
• Lorica® upper allows for zero stretch, maintaining the same performance-fit forever
• Floating velcro strap secures the fit without affecting suppleness

14 product reviews

Average rating

Instinct VSR Climbing Shoe
Based on 26 ratings
Wide toe box, great heel cup

Wider toe box than the solutions, but similar in size.
quite soft, so they feel great on volumes,
good heel and toe hooks.

A shoe that does it all

I have tried a range of shoes because I love sport climbing and bouldering is a very close 2nd. I got these shoes for bouldering and hard sport climbing, I was surprised by how stiff they were to start with perfect for edging on vert sport routes. Although they start stiff they are so sensitive. I love them and I can't wait for they to get stickier and softer as I break them in, perfect for bouldering. I think I have chosen my shoe for life, but I will always have 2 pairs one that are new and stiff and ones that are broken into to give my diverse climbing just what it needs

Perfect Pair of Shoes for me

Great shoe, great fit and they molded well to my feet. They were quite tight and painful in the beginning, but after a few climbs these shoes feel perfect. These were the first pair of shoes I've purchased and from everything I've tried on and worn previously, these feel the best. The grip is amazing, such a sensitive shoe and gets me comfortable on the tiniest holds. I went with these because I thought that they would give me a good introduction into the higher level shoes without killing my feet right off the bat, but also be able to last me a long time as I get more comfortable climbing. I'm convinced that these will do just that after a few weeks of climbing! I found that the VSR's are doing quite well as an all around shoe for me!

One of the best shoes available

I'm on my second pair of VSR's, and these shoes are amazing at pretty much everything. My only complaint is they aren't great for low angle/vertical climbing being softer shoes, but if you want something stiffer the VS is a good match with the harder rubber.

Fit is great, they're not aggressively downturned or asymmetrical. So it's a comfortable fit compared to the Drago or Chimera. Heelcup feels shallow (doesn't come up the achilles much on me), but there is no dead space.

Sizing wise I have a 40.5 street shoe, my Scarpa shoes (Chimera and VSR) are all 39.5. It's a very tight but comfortable fit. Once broken in, they stretch more around the foot/toe box area. The length stays pretty much unchanged.

I have a wide foot that doesn't fit into any La Sportiva shoe except the Testarossa or the Genius. The VSR's are super tight initially, and very hard to get on. But they do fit wider feet.

Surprisingly good shoes

After climbing in the very (sometimes too) comfortable Moccasyms for half a year, I wanted something more aggressive for my harder projects.
I bought them half a size above my street shoe size. These shoes are surprisingly comfortable, while being very snug around my entire narrow foot.
Since I love climbing slabs the most, I wanted a soft rubber for good sensitivity and also smearing. After falling in love with 5.10's Stealth c4 soles, I didn't think any other rubber would come close, but the Vibram Grip 2 feels just as nice and sticky on the wall.
The big patch of rubber on top of the shoe was also a nice surprise on the wall. Apart from a very steady toe hook, the rubber also makes flagging a bit steadier when the top of my toes are resting against the wall. But maybe I'm just flagging very weirdly, haha.
Apart from how well they feel on my feet and on the wall, I really like the badass design these shoes have.
A very good first experience with Scarpa's!

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