Scarpa Instinct S Climbing Shoe

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The Scarpa Instinct S is the performance boulder and slab slipper climbing shoe of the multitalented Instinct family. Like its sister shoes, the Instinct S features... Show more >
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Scarpa Instinct S Climbing Shoe

The Scarpa Instinct S is the performance boulder and slab slipper climbing shoe of the multitalented Instinct family. Like its sister shoes, the Instinct S features a delicate layer of 3.55mm thick rubber to ensure maximum sensitivity. Combining this with the Vibram XS Grip2 compound gives the Instinct S an unbridled ability to feel the rock's surface with the foot, detect almost imperceptible holds, and grip onto them with the greatest level of confidence possible. The Instinct S thrives on sustained overhanging terrain with minimal footholds and for smearing on polished, glassy slab routes on granite. Climb better, climb instinctively.

Being a slipper, the Instinct S has been designed to fit as snugly as possible to achieve a performance fit. The upper is synthetic microsuede which will break-in over time but provide the absolute minimum amount of stretch, so remember to size appropriately. If you're looking for a more all-round performance shoe, try the Instinct VS velcro version.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Narrow Foot
Lite Orange
Medium Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip 2
Sole thickness


Instinct S Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip2™

Rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Instinct S Climbing Shoe

Bi-Tension Rand™

A rand that that pulls power from the toes to achieve performance with less tension and less painful toe cramming. The Bi-Tension Rand also reduces the amount of rubber needed under the toes, which means a lower weight and a higher sensitivity.

Instinct S Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• Specialised toe patch is made from softer rubber for high-friction toe-hooking
• Lorica® upper allows for zero stretch, maintaining the same performance-fit forever

16 product reviews

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Instinct S Climbing Shoe
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very tight

good soft instinct

I recommend buying the same size as Instinct VS (wmn) and Drago.

1. it's an instinct, so the toe is so good.
2. heel hook is very secure.
3. soft enough to smear on volume, softer than VS wmn.
1. as slipper, the topline is very tight, my achilles tendon gets crushed hard.
2. toebox is a bit too narrow, more narrow than VS wmn.
3. heel is too spherical like Solution. I prefer the heel of VS wmn. heel hook is good though.

Comfy board shoe

The toe of this should is the best I have found. It is tight yet comfortable and sticks to everything. However the heel of this shoe is absolutely useless, slips right off as soon as you engage a heel hook.

Fantastic Redesign

I picked up a pair of these to use as my primary gym shoes since they were a bit cheaper than the Instinct VSRs which I use for outdoor climbing. They fit like a glove, even on heel hooks, and are perfect for steep terrain and volumes. Not to mention they are the best-looking shoes I've ever owned. Kudos to the Scarpa team on the new design, I'm in love. Sizing is the same as the Instinct VS and Instinct VSR.

Like a glove

Tight but comfortable. Best fitting climbing shoes ever!

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