Scarpa Chimera Climbing Shoe

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The Scarpa Chimera is a uniquely designed climbing shoe designed to be the most precise bouldering shoe on the market. Taking its name from the hybrid creature ... Show more >
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Scarpa Chimera Climbing Shoe

The Scarpa Chimera is a uniquely designed climbing shoe designed to be the most precise bouldering shoe on the market. Taking its name from the hybrid creature of Greek mythology, the Scarpa Chimera features Vibram XS Grip 2 for maximum grip, an elongated toe patch for toe hooking across the entire length of the shoe, and a vacuum lacing system for a totally secure fit. But its really interesting characteristic, unusually, is the design of its inner panel.

On the shoe’s inner, a large, seamless, morphic big-toe panel has been placed. This keeps the foot’s power firmly focussed through the big toe, and its smooth surface area avoids discomfort and uneven pressure points. The footbed uses a bi-lateral stitching that allows the shoe to move and flex with the foot as it changes under pressure. This combined with the strategically placed synthetic and natural fibers of the footbed gives the shoe give and compression where its needed, resulting in consistent overall power of the foot across all climbing moves.

Being a microfibre upper, this shoe will offer the absolute minimum amount of stretch.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
High Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip 2
Sole thickness


Chimera Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip2™

Rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Chimera Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• Synergistic design for the ultimate shoe in terms of sensitivity
• Asymmetric lacing opens Drago performance to a narrower foot
• Elongated toe patch creates a large surface area for toe-hooking
• SRT Rand is oversized and encompasses the upper portion of the toe box for the full-range of toe-hooking capability
• PCB Tension System transfers power from the toe to the heel giving the shoes a sock like feel with power and sensitivity
• TPS provides powerful support underneath the toe box
• Upper: Perforated Microsuede + Leather footbed + Alcantara toe pocket
• Midsole: Flexan Dynamic 1.4mm + PCB Tension

9 product reviews

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Chimera Climbing Shoe
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Very comfortable

I am a petite sized female climber and have a slim foot. I mainly do indoor bouldering and sport climb occasionally. When I tried the Chimera on at a boot demo I fell in love with these as it's really hard for me to find a shoe that fits properly. Scarpa shoes generally fits well but the Chimera is like a glove. My first pair was the Vapour V wm in street shoe size. I've worn those for over a year and they now became a bit too comfortable with room inside the shoe. I decided to get half a size down for a better performance fit on the Chimera. The first week climbing in them was a painful experience I almost regretted getting them, but after a week or two they became so soft and comfortable I no longer needed to go back to my old shoes. The toes are still really crammed but not painful anymore and the fit for the rest of the foot is really good. My only complaint is hard to get them on and off as they're in laces and I don't really have a choice as I have to take them off a lot between climbs to relieve pressure from the toes. I might try the Drago LV for my next shoe but the Chimera is an excellent all round shoe. The toe and heel hooks are amazing with these on and does really well on both overhangs and slabs.

great shoe! ,

great shoe ,the first impression was horrible,i wear scarpa instinct vsr and sr 39,5 and ordered the chimera in 40 for a litle more comfort but the chimera felt much smaller! but after 5 or 6 climbing sessions the chimera" shaped my foot"
im 79 kg
my foot is 26 cm long (mondopoint) and 100 mm wide it is impossible for me to wear the cimera smaller but after the break in period they are quite comfortable.
edging perfect
due the softness is pulling and grabbing with toes great
heel hooking great, toe hooking great, smearing brilliant
best shoe until the past i had : testarossa, miura vs, python, instinct vsr/sr, quantum,cobra, speedster, blanco

Great Specialized Shoe

This is a pretty specialized shoe that excels at overhangs due to the amount of power you get out of the big toe. I found that the Drago's were really lacking there, but the Chimera's provides enough support in the toes to be powerful on vertical climbing.

My normal shoe is the Instinct VSR which I love everywhere, but for the extra sensitivity when foot placements are everything on steep climbs the Chimera's can't be beat.

Surprisingly easy to get on and off too due to the large slipper opening, compared to the Instinct VSR. After three 2-3hr sessions the shoe is fully broken in, and there has been little to no stretch.

My street shoe is usually a 40.5EU (or 25.5CM or 8US) I wear both the Chimera and the Instinct VSR in a 39.5.

If i had to chose a shoe for boulder this would be the one

I ordered Chimera as my second shoes to use for the time my La Sportiva Kataki is being re-soled and they quickly became my best climbing shoe. Soft and sensitive fit creates the feeling the shoe hugs your feet, The shoe almost sticks to the wall and any downsides have been noticed the first month of climbing. In the beginning, they felt really small but just give them some time and they feel really comfortable

Sensitivity and stickiness combined in a beautiful shoe.

Bought these at the same size sd Furia S shoes and was a bit worried what i would get. Out of the box they felt a bit painful but during my first climbing session in the gym they felt perfect after my feet got a bit warmer. My sizing for them was 43 (my street shoe size being the same. I like my shoes tight but not painful) Compared to furia S they give more support for the toes so these are better at edging but they still work great when smearing.

My first outdoor trip with these was in fontainebleau and the rubber is super sticky and I felt so comfortable in those glassy slippery bas cuvier routes. With these shoes you feel the holds and the shoe being soft you can smear well and still it has enough support to edge well. I like laces so I can have a better adjustability in my shoes so these were the choice for me rather than dragos. I will definitely stick with Heinz Mariacher scarpa soft shoe lineup and can recommend these to anyone liking those shoes with high sensitivity.

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