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Scarpa Booster Climbing Shoe

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The Booster is a classic, this is the 3rd edition of the Booster now and rumour has it, it's better than ever! The Booster is the ultimate sport climbing weapon... Show more >
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Scarpa Booster Climbing Shoe

The Booster is a classic, this is the 3rd edition of the Booster now and rumour has it, it's better than ever! The Booster is the ultimate sport climbing weapon, it's extremely precise and best suited for climbing outside but still performs well on plastic. So let's get into the details of the shoe, the boosters upper is fully synthetic, some areas of the shoe are made from ceramic microfibre which is thin but has great abrasion resistance making the upper of the Booster durable. The toe patch is made out of Alcantara which again adds to the durability of the shoe but still gives you a great level of sensitivity through the toe. The Booster has a new midsole that has more plastic adding a little bit more stiffness to support your foot on those tiny edges, but don't worry it is still flexible enough to smear thanks to the holes in the middle of the midsole to keep the shoe flexible, all of this creates a precise shoe that is great at edging and smearing. The new Booster also has a new heel system, the PAF heel has a pressure absorbing fit with a big pressure point at the top of the heel which pushes the toes forward into the front of the shoe providing more pressure on the tip of your toe which adds more precision to the shoe, this along with the narrow heel cup that sucks your foot into the shoe and the super sticky orange strip of M50 rubber on the heel makes heel hooking in the Booster a dream. It best suits a narrow foot with a classic shape but it will fit a wider foot thanks to the microfibre upper and adjustable velcro closure system. So if you're looking for a sport climbing shoe that is suited to climbing on steep rock then you will love the Booster.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Narrow Foot
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip
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Moderate Downturn

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Booster Climbing Shoe
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Good shoe

Suber shoe from scarpa.

the shoe has a high toe box which means that my wide shoes come out well in the shoe. The toe box is not as highe as the old Mago shoe.

easy to smeer with, nice in pockets, great for climbing overhanging gym climbing on Eggum (gneiss / granite) but getting too soft when there are small footholds vertical climbing on lofoten granit boulders.

the only minus is the heel or the inside of the heel it feels a little loos or to soft. But that my have to do that the shoe is not abel to deform to be moldet too my foot, rather then it beeing somthing wrong with the shoe.

I went for size 42. as I same as in the instinct family. I use 41.5 in mago. I will by it on more time when heading fore greece.

Sensitive high performance shoe!

I downsized quite a lot - 1.5 size from street size - and it was super painful in the beginning. Because it is synthetic, I was worried it wouldn't fit but after wearing them in the shower, they fitted perfectly! (Though the heel still had some air) Now it is my best shoe for tryharding and performance and works really well for edging and a bit worse on smearing but still pretty good. Super accurate and sensitive and I love the soft heel (even though it still didn't fit exactly)

Love this shoe!

Perfect combo of sensitivity and support, these are laser-prescise and I find myself moving off small holds and edges on overhanging to vertical rock with confidence. They seem a bit more durable construction-wise than my Drago's and I will be using them as my go to redpoint shoe. I wear a comfortable but snug 37 EU in both the Drago and Instinct VSW (37.5 street size). I wear the Booster at 36.5 and they are a perfect performance fit.

High performance Scarpa shoes

As I am relatively new to the sport, and I some strange large feet, I took only 1 size under my regular size, and it seems perfect.

For the performance, you really cannot do any better than that I imagine; extremely flexible, great grip, absolute precision! Now I can't blame the shoes anymore...

great climbing shoes

I took size number 42,5, I usually wear 44/45. Fits perfect. They are much better than old booster.

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