Red Chili Fusion VCR Climbing Shoe

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The Red Chili Fusion VCR blends and melds the famously perfect fit of the Spirit VCR with a performance design to produce a comfortable shoe that excels whilst sport climbing and bouldering. Show more >
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Red Chili Fusion VCR Climbing Shoe

As a wise man once said, “Don’t fix what ain’t broken” - but he never said anything about making it better. The Red Chili Fusion VCR is a refreshed version of the Spirit VCR, well-known for its highly adjustable and snug fit, but now with a more performance-orientated design. Its downturned shape with a large, extra-grippy toepatch allows for effective hooking on steeper climbs and technical manoeuvres, but a neutral last ensures all-day comfort on longer climbs. A unique impact zone shock absorber also protects the climber’s foot when walking and jumping down from boulder problems. Vibram XS Grip rubber provides maximum friction on steep routes, smears, and glassy holds. The leather upper will stretch up to a full size, providing you with the best and most custom fit. Remember to size appropriately.

Ideal for the sport climber and boulderer seeking comfort in a shoe that can be worn all day.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Wide Foot
Red / White
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip
Moderate Downturn


Fusion VCR Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip™

Original rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Fusion VCR Climbing Shoe

Impact Zone Shock Absorber

Specialised area designed to protect and cushion the heel whilst walking and jumping down from boulders.

Fusion VCR Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• Dual-VCR allows for quick on/offs and suits varying foot shapes
• Large Ultra Grip toepatch for better toe-hooking
• Powerflex midsole supports the foot and offers the climber a precise placement, even on the smallest of foot-holds.
• Full-leather upper and footbed will stretch and form to the climber’s foot

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Fusion VCR Climbing Shoe
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Great versatile shoe

As a beginner, I like the versatility of these shoes. I used them both indoors and outdoors, for bouldering and climbing. They perform really well on vertical and slightly overhanging walls.

I tried them on before buying and decided for size 43. However, after a few weeks of climbing, I think 42.5 would have been a better choice.

Other than performance and price, I really like the leather on these shoes, and I love the way it looks.

All in all, it's a great all-purpose shoe!

Great shoe

I bought these after having a pair of Spirit VCR shoes for years and were wearing out. I was looking for something slightly more aggressive without killing my feet and the Fusion VCR's are definitely doing the job.

Definitely seems to be a good quality shoe, I'm getting good grip and and edging from them. They look as good in real life as in the pictures as well.

On sizing, I went for a 7, having been a 7 in my old shoes and think i probably could of pushed comfortably into a 6.5, so wish i could of tired a pair first. My feet are quite narrow and the straps are already close to the limits so thats worth bearing in mind.

Overall a good buy, but try if you can

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