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Ocun Oxi S Climbing Shoe

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The Ocun Oxi S is an aggressive bouldering shoe designed for high-performance climbs and competition. This shoe is soft, supple, and technical. Ideal for any advanced climber on all climbs past the vertical. Show more >
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Ocun Oxi S Climbing Shoe

You'll need experience to tame this beast. The Ocun Oxi S is an advanced shoe that excels on hard boulders. An ultra-thin midsole provides the maximum amount of flexibility for toe-hooking and sensitivity on hard boulder routes with imperceptible footholds. Toe-hooking ability is enhanced through a large piece of high-friction rubber placed along the toe area. Grippin' Sticky rubber is Ocun's maximum friction compound designed for polished footholds and sticking onto the kind of tiny holds found on advanced boulder problems. This is doubled with the downturned profile and highly asymmetric last which provide power and precision on anything steep and minute. The single velcro closure makes it easy to slip on and off in between climbs, and the microfibre upper means the Oxi S requires no breaking in and will keep the same performance over its entire lifespan.

The Oxi S is ideal for all high-performance climbers and advanced sport climbers seeking the best in performance.

Tech specs

Upper material
Synthetic Leather
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Narrow Foot
Black / Green
0.42 kg (Size 40 EU)
High Asymmetry
Sole material
Sole thickness


Oxi S Climbing Shoe


Top performance shoe rubber developed especially for maximum adhesion. The material has a high friction parameter which ensures excellent adhesion on ledges and slabs.

6 product reviews

Average rating

Oxi S Climbing Shoe
Based on 12 ratings
Very decent shoe

I have it for almost two years and rubber on the sides is holding on as new so thats great.
There is a lot of rubber for toe hooking and it sticks great on the holds.
Grippin sticky cat rubber sole from ocun is my favourite so far, i tried vibram grip,grip2 and this one sticked the best on the holds especially if you are ligher climber as me i would definitely advice you to try this one for your next resole, however it doesnt have durability as long as vibram and i had to resole it after half a year of only indoor climbing 3times a week so if you are looking for shoe for outdoor climbing look probably somewhere else or be prepared to resole it very soon.

Front of the shoe is constructed for very curled fingers and there is a lot of volume for it so if you dont plan to have curled fingers in the shoe prepare to have a lot of dead space between your fingers and top of the shoe which was my case but it was still perfectly fine to climb in it even with toe hooking feeling a bit strange but rubber on the top made it stick on the holds anyway.

I was quite skeptical at first with only one velcro but you can adjust it pretty tight and it holds your feet nicely.

Last part is the heel, there is very stiff rubber on the back of the heel that make you stick heel hooks without problems even if you have bit of dead space between your heel and bottom of the shoe which is perfect, but on the sides it has very thin layer which is going to roll if you have dead space on the sides of your heel in the shoe so if you have narrow heel you probably wants to look for something else as long as you plan to use heel hooks at maximum efficiency.

Lastly i have to add that unlike la sportiva shoes with their p3 technology which tends to keep downturned shape of the shoe for pretty much whole life this one will loose it over time, but i also need to mention that i was not putting it off during resting etc so i was walking in it very frequently pretty much 4hours straight 3times a week during climbing so it might last a bit longer for you but i remember that during my first resole after half a year of use the shoe had pretty much flat profile.

Overall i would rate it 4/5 its very decent shoe for quite a nice prize tag.

Best shoe for this price

Great shoe!
Soft and durable! The rubber is incredible sticky
Awesome a glove for me - I think is the same as Testarossa.
Number comparison La Sportiva size 39 - Ocun size 41.

Apparently short lifespan!

My pair was not older than 3 weeks when their gluing of the bottom which connects to side, broke. I tried to "return" since no reclamation site specific.

Was asked to send pictures and when i did, epictv support answered (Short version): "Oxi use soft rubber which allows them to be sticky, however, the downside of this is that they can wear through quickly especially on the toe side." otherwise ok, i understand that climbing shoe can wear trough fast but 3 weeks? 3 outdoor sessions.. Also it was not even TIP that broke so thank you for your copypaste answer! It is clearly a manufacturer error and can be seen on images very clearly.. I've had Ocun shoes before and this never happened.

Great shoe

Very good heel and great rubber!!

Probably awesome shoe,not for begginers tho

I was on my demand to find a good intermediate shoe for a good price,and I found the Ocun oxi S.Stared looking it up,great shoe ,people I know who climb for years telling me it was a great shoe especially the price/perfomance relation.And so I decided to get me a pair,turns out they are a bit too "hardcore" for me yet,a shoe too strong for my weak feet.So what I can recommend is that if you are like me,a begginer but looking for a shoe slightly better this wont work,as they are too much for our non used to climb feet,but if you already have strong feet just go for it and go crazy.I would recomend buying half a size up from regular shoe size(EU)

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