Mad Rock Remora

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The Mad Rock Remora is a non-aggressive, soft-soled slipper style climbing shoe for mid-performance at a bargain price. Much like the fish this shoe was named... Show more >
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Mad Rock Remora

The Mad Rock Remora is a non-aggressive, soft-soled slipper style climbing shoe for mid-performance at a bargain price.

Much like the fish this shoe was named after, the Mad Rock Remora suctions not only to your foot, but on the rock as well. With its slipper style, there's no need to lace or velcro-up in between climbs. Just slip it on, and you're ready to go. Perfect for bouldering, indoor, sport, multipitch, or any climb where you need quick and easy on-and-offs. The Remora has a non-aggressive shape for a comfortable wear, but with a soft sole that provide sensitivity and suppleness for more technical moves. Great for beginners looking for their first slipper, or for intermediates after a wear-all-day shoe.

Tech specs

Inner material
Closure type
Sole material
Science Friction 3.0



Science Friction 3.0

Years after the launch of the first Mad Rock rubber formula, exhaustive research and a new production process has resulted in a new, more durable, yet higher friction compound. This optimal balance of durability and friction is achieved by increasing the tear strength and memory of the compound, resulting in a unique adhesive rubber that, unlike other high friction soles, is still durable and hardwearing enough to withstand the harshest of rock abuse.


R2 Rand

Mad Rock have also incorporated their new Science Friction formula into their rubber rand: higher friction, durability, and improved elasticity mean your Mad Rock shoes are more hard-wearing with a better, more comfortable, and sensitive fit to greatly improve your climbing performance.

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Comfortable, sensitive, except...

Pro: This shoe is extremely sensitive and comfortable after break-in. Very durable. The sole has high friction, which is perfect for smearing. Does decent job at edging. Could be used for boulder as well as long routes.

Con: This shoes might be more suitable for climbers who have relatively higher volume/wider feet. I tried on size 39.5, but it was too tight and painful to the extent that I started to sweat when I just put them on and could not even stand up. So I ended up buying size 40. It was still painful at first and took me about 5 sessions to break-in. After break-in, everything worked perfectly. Using about one and half months, the heel hook became a huge problem for me. Although it still performs really well on smearing and edging, it cannot stand powerful heel hook. When I tried to add power to heel hook, the shoes would come off very easily. I consider myself with normal and normal volume feet, but the toe section of the shoe has a bit higher volume, causing some dead space.

Summing up, it's one of the best slippers for climbers who have wider and higher volume feet. It's comfortable, sensitive, durable, and all-round. Works perfectly for smearing and does fine on edging. But for normal lower volume feet, the heel hook is not very secure. Considering the price, the shoe is very worth it to buy.

Amazing indoor bouldering shoe

I've had these shoes nearly a year and have been using them solely for indoor bouldering and intended to use them just for training and warming up but as I wore them in they become really soft so are an absolute weapon on volumes, as well as having a really good toe patch which makes toehooking in them really easy. I have used them on all angles and they Excell at everything although being a slipper the heel can feel slightly insecure but I've had no problems with it yet due to the stickiness of the rubber. In terms of sizing my feet are a UK9/9.5 and I bought these in a 7 for a performance bouldering fit although I could go slightly smaller if I wanted to make the heel more secure.

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