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La Sportiva Theory Women's Climbing Shoe

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The Theory Women's is designed mainly for indoor climbing and competition climbing. It excels at climbing on big volumes because of it's amazing ability to get ... Show more >
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La Sportiva Theory Women's Climbing Shoe

The Theory Women's is designed mainly for indoor climbing and competition climbing. It excels at climbing on big volumes because of it's amazing ability to get maximum rubber contact on holds, this is because unusually it doesn't have a midsole. This lets the shoe to go flat and spread its rubber on big volumes, which gives you the most amount of friction possible.

The Theory Women has the best of the no edge and edge climbing shoes, the toe is an edge that is great at standing on small micro footholds and hooking on steep boulder problems. The side is no edge, amazing for clamping big volumes with the sides of your feet. This is a first of its kind feature that has never been put on any other shoe before.

Even though the Theory Women is very soft it's still powerful on small footholds, this is because of it's D Technology which is where the sole is wrapped around the shoe which provides power to the toe and gives you the advantages of no edge on the side of the shoe.

The Rubber used on the Theory Women is Vibram XS Grip 2 which is the stickiest rubber that Vibram do, but La Sportiva have done something unique with the rubber. The toe has 4 mm thick rubber and the back of the sole has 1.8mm of rubber. This is to keep the softness of the shoe but still provide plenty of rubber and power to the toe.

The Theory women are fantastic at toe hooking, it has more rubber on the toe than any other La Sportiva shoe. This is perfect for toe hooking!

La Sportiva have used their most aggressive last ever on the Theory Women, the PD 85. This makes them very aggressive and amazing on steep ground. It has loaded tension from the heel that goes to the toe and then back to the heel giving you a slingshot like feel, giving you as much power through the toe as possible, making them great for edging.

The heel is very thin compared to other La Sportiva models. This makes it very sensitive, giving you loads of feedback on heel hooks, this is especially useful when your heel hooking small screw-ons and micro holds and gives you the confidence to try really hard.

The Theory Women is the perfect balance between a sensitive climbing shoe and a supportive climbing shoe. It has incredible friction on volumes, is amazing at edging and is a dream bouldering shoe that is, at the moment one of a kind.

The Theory Women is fully resolable!

Tech specs

Upper material
Suede / Microsuede
Closure type
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip 2
Sole thickness


Theory Women's Climbing Shoe

> Upper: Microfi ber and suede upper with a tubular construction
> Lining: None
> Midsole: P3 System™

Theory Women's Climbing Shoe

P3® Permanent Power Platform

After intensive abuse, downturned climbing shoes can start to lose their distinctive shape. La Sportiva’s P3 rand system prevents from this happening so your shoe maintains its powerful profile, permanently.

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Theory Women's Climbing Shoe
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Great indoor and out

This soft shoe is an absolute weapon. Great at smearing and edging little micro holds at all angles. Soft enough to adapt to many foot shapes. I tend to have problems with space in the heel for lots of shoes (scarpa, tenaya, other laspo shoes) but my heel sunk straight down into this with no gap. It does it all!

Incredible all round shoe

The theory is an amazing shoe, it excels at literally anything but small edges on overhang. If you are looking for a shoe that won’t need more than 3-4 to break in and perform with a low volume fit(for men). The theory is really soft an great at both heel and toehooks. I would highly Recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a high performance narrow fit shoe, clearly built for competitive climbing.

Perfect soft shoe

Have climbed in these for about 3 weeks now. Comfortable literally straight out of the box, without feeling too loose. Exceptional for any kind of hooking. Great for edging, even though they're quite soft. For me the Theory feels like an upgraded version of both Python and Skwama.

Sized these the same as I would Python/Skwama. 0,5 size down from Solution. 2,5 down from Unparallel regulus/tn pro.

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