La Sportiva Python Climbing Shoe

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The La Sportiva Python is a competition and artificial wall climbing shoe that combines high performance with comfort for modern climbers who want to push their... Show more >
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La Sportiva Python Climbing Shoe

The La Sportiva Python is a competition and artificial wall climbing shoe that combines high performance with comfort for modern climbers who want to push their level on boulder problems, overhanging sport routes, technical face climbs, and in climbing gyms.

The La Sportiva Python has been designed to be as sensitive and as soft as possible with maximum performance on heel hooks and toe hooks. The sole is only 3.5mm thick and no lining is used at all, and La Sportiva have given it a 5/5 out on their sensitivity scale. Great for tiny, frictionless holds on overhanging problems! The sole has been split in the middle to make the shoe as soft as possible for technical manoeuvres like toe-hooking and general hooking onto steep holds, and the velcro strap secures the heel when heel hooking and blocking.

The Python is designed to be fit really snugly, but keep in mind that it's unlined suede leather upper will stretch up to a full size. So size appropriately!

Tech specs

Upper material
Suede Leather
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Wide Foot
Nordic Gold
0.40 kg (Size 40 EU)
High Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip 2
Sole thickness


Python Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip2™

Rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Python Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• A sensitive, snug fitting slipper with Velcro straps to provide secure positioning during heel hooks.
• Ultra sticky heel provides stability and protection.
• Extremely easy to pull on and off.
• Ultra sticky toe rubber for increased performance on toe hooks.

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Python Climbing Shoe
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Durability/Customer Service = 0

Within 6 weeks this shoe fell apart, the rubber peeled away and was clearly a manufacture fault... The dealer has ignored me and also la sportiva team has ignored me. Zero customer service, absolutely shocked that both companies ignored my e mails about the shoes. Steer clear of these if not for the fact they could fall apart after 20 climbs the fact that if you have an issue with anything La Sportiva will ignore your issue as they don't give a damn about customers. The same issue we have had with the solutions to so I'm off to give them a great review to!!!!

Great shoe but need to size down

Really nice shoe, great heal. Soft shoe but still ok on small foot holds. You really need to size down on these i dropped a size from my normal sportiva size and could probably have gone another size smaller as they bag out a lot after a few climbs.

Hands on your feet!

The glooves of La Sportiva. They adapt perfectly to your foot, making you confidently feel all the tiny rock grains. Buy the smallest you can possibly wear. Also ideal if you have a solid and strong foot structure. They are very malleable but never loose their shape

All-time classic!

Just bought my 4th pair of pythons. This shoe is suited for everything! No matter whether you go bouldering or sport climbing, slab or roofs, pro or beginner, you will love these shoes! For me, the pythons perform equally well on all types of rock/plastic and they are not very aggressive. They do stretch a bit so buy them tight, then they will be super comfortable after a few weeks!

P.S. Don't be surprised if your feet turn orange when first wearing them.

High Performance Shoe

This was the first pair of La Sportiva shoes I have ever bought and was not sure how to size them. I have a low folume, wide fore-foot, narrow/skinny heel which makes it difficult for me to find shoes that fit, however, the Pythons fit me rather well. I'm a street size 42EU/8UK, and I bought these in a size 39EU/6UK. I fit Evolv shoes 44EU/9.5UK. When I first put them on they felt great, glove-like fit. After a few climbs in the gym the leather upper did stretch a tiny bit, however, this did not affect the fit at all for me.

These shoes are made (in my opinion) for tough overhanging routes or routes with tiny nubs where you need a lot of power to stand on them. If you're looking for a shoe for all day climbing, these are not the pair. After an hour of climbing, the toes start to get sore. After 2-3 hours of climbing, the pain is unbearable. This often means that i have to stop climbing before my arms are tired due to the pain in my toes. If you want a shoe to do a tough climb or boulder problem as a 1-off climb or so, then these are perfect for that.

These shoes perform great on tiny ledges and nubs, however, it does require a relatively strong foot as the rubber is quite soft and thin. The 3.5mm XS Grip 2 rubber does a great job at sticking to holds, and allows you a great degree of sensitivity. Unfortunately, these shoes are not the best at smearing. The aggressive downturn makes it difficult and painful to smear on walls, however it is still very possible to do so. Heel hooking is great on this shoe. The Velcro strap does a good job at killing possible dead space in the heel. Toe hooking is great as well with the big slab of rubber on the toe.

The leather upper hold up really well with the stitching, but does stretch with use. The rubber lasts for quite a while longer than I expected especially since I've been using it in the gym a lot. Will probably last 8-12 months with heavy use.

I bought these for 100€/86£. Do they do what I expected them to do? Yes. They perform great on small ledges and numbs, as well as gripping everything else. Do they fit after being broken in? Yes. In my books, this shoe is a great buy as they fit me well, and live up to my expectations. Comparing this price to other shoes close to 116€/100£, I would say this shoe is great value for money.

The La Sportiva Pythons are an aggressive downturned, high performing pair of slipper which are great for bouldering. They are for intermediate to advanced climbers who have a strong foot/toe. A smaller size, 1-3 sizes smaller, will give you the most out of these shoes with the downside of more pain. I think they are decently prices when compared similar performing shoes which are more expensive.

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