La Sportiva Otaki

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The La Sportiva Otaki is primarily a sport climbing and bouldering shoe promoting power and stability. Show more >
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La Sportiva Otaki

The New La Sportiva Otaki is a climbing shoe aimed primarily at boulderers and sport climbers with an emphasis on power through the toes and stability at the heel. While similar to a slipper in shape and with an equally snug fit, the Otaki also forces the foot forward in the shoe by the use of two Velcro straps as closure. This feature helps the climber to more easily put power through the toe of the shoe when bearing down on small holds. The most innovative part of the Otaki is found at the back of the shoe where La Sportiva's new S-heel system has been employed. This novel feature uses a very firm rubber on the inside edge of the heel which resists being deformed under torsion meaning that the Otaki is ideal for heel hooking.

Tech specs

Closure type
Red / Blue / White
0.22 kg (Size 40 EU)



P3 Technology

The La Sportiva Otaki is equipped with La Sportiva's P3 Permanent Power Platform; a specially developed rand, which is used in their aggressive climbing shoes to help them maintain their down-turned shape for the duration of their life.

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Excellent shoe

A well built solid shoe. I use these for sport climbing and bouldering both indoor and out. They are superb for heel hooks thanks to the s heel. They work wonders on overhangs thanks to the downturned toe but smearing is still good.

They took a good few weeks to stretch and wear in and still fit tightly. I wouldn't recommend for extended all day constant wear.

Excellent for edging and enables you to put a lot of power down through the toe.

Good substitute for Miura VS. New Edging master

This shoe behaves similar to a Miura Vs but has a better heel construction. It feels snug and works great on small placements. If you have been looking for sizing advice on the internet the general opinion is that it sizes just the same as Miura VS. Not in my opinion. I have 41,5 street shoe size and use miura VS 39,5 for bouldering and 40 for comfortable sport climbing. I bought these shoes at size 40 to substitute my sport climbing miura VS but otaki were quite more roomy on the toe box. I would say 39,5 otaki= 40 miura Vs. for other models of la sportiva, the comparison is not so obvious because the fit is quite different, but i use 39 Futura and they feel similar to me.
It is also worth noting that these shoes DO NEED to be warmed in cold days if you want to be able to put them without any pain. The velcro straps work quite well for adjusting plant and toe spaces but fail at adjusting the angle of the foot for overhangs ( something that Futuras do brilliantly).
This is an edging shoe which does the edging work for you, which means you need to adapt to it and develop a faith that it will stick on the holds due to the stiff and thick rubber. (not a con, but worth noting).
Overall, great shoe with excellent building quality.

Super shoe

This shoe fits like a glove. It is super precise ons small ridges. I love them!!!!

Otaki fan

A great shoe! Hasn't arrived yet in Greece but I was lucky that a friend introduced them to me. Great grip, and control. They have a unique feeeling from supporting the foot, holding the heel and allocating the forces when stepped correctly. Moreover, great design :) Totally getting a second pair

Evolution for Miura VS

I'm a big fan of Miura VS and this shoe is practically the same fit but with better heel hook and some toehook. Great shoe!

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