La Sportiva Miura XX Climbing Shoe

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The Miura XX celebrates the twentieth anniversary of La Sportiva’s signature climbing shoe and is designed to have you power-screaming just like Adam Ondra, the... Show more >
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La Sportiva Miura XX Climbing Shoe

The Miura XX celebrates the twentieth anniversary of La Sportiva’s signature climbing shoe and is designed to have you power-screaming just like Adam Ondra, the man who helped its evolution and used it to send the world's first 9b+. The Miura XX is very similar to the classic Miura, but its double tension rand with the P3 system that ensures maximum wrapping of the foot and increases support on edges makes it slightly stiffer and more supportive for longer technical routes. Like Change, which is 45m long! This shoe is only around for one year, so get it before it's gone.

The Miura XX's upper is lined suede leather, so expect it to stretch up to half a size. La Sportiva recommend you size it on the loose side for a comfort-fit.

Rumour has it that the shoe instills the wearer with the ability to power-scream their way up the rock just like Adam Ondra himself. We suppose there’s only one way to find out.

Tech specs

Upper material
Suede Leather
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Black / Sulphur
High Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Edge
Sole thickness


Miura XX Climbing Shoe

Adam Ondra's Signature Shoe

The original autograph of Adam Ondra is printed on the boot. The tongue shows the route “Change” (9b+, Norway), completed by Ondra while wearing the Miura XX back in 2012.

Miura XX Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Edge™

Rubber compound built for maximum performance on micro holds and extreme edging. This formula uses an improved plastic deformation resistance that ensures the utmost stability, rigidity, and support on footholds in hot or cold weather, as well as generally increasing durability.

Miura XX Climbing Shoe

P3® Permanent Power Platform

After intensive abuse, downturned climbing shoes can start to lose their distinctive shape. La Sportiva’s P3 rand system prevents from this happening so your shoe maintains its powerful profile, permanently.

4 product reviews

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Miura XX Climbing Shoe
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Una mezcla explosiva

La Sportiva ha conseguido la mezcla perfecta en el Miura XX. Con la comodidad y precisión del Miura de cordones y la dureza del sistema P3 y asimetría del Miura de Velcro, ha conseguido una mezcla explosiva para tus proyectos más duros. Lástima que hayan dejado de fabricarlos...

Lo bueno, mejorado

El miura siempre había sido de mis mejores pies de gato para escalar durante años pero se había quedado obsoleto respecto a otros nuevos modelos. Con este cambio de aspecto han conseguido darle una nueva vida al producto. Básicamente es el mismo pie de gato pero con la horma p3 que te permite una mayor durabilidad y evitará que se deforme al cambiar suelas. La horma la noto igual que el modelo anterior pero utilizo media talla menos que en el anterior modelo, así como media talla menos que con solution o katana.

Fantastic sport climbing shoe

I have previously owned a pair of La Sportiva Katanas, and I purchased these shoes in the same size (UK 7 I'm UK 8) to use as a indoor sport climbing shoe. They are a brilliant fit, a bit painful at first but after wearing them in a bit they became a lot more comfortable. The lacing system allows you to easily adjust the shoe to tightly fit the curves of your foot, it may be a bit awkward at first but is quick to put on once you are used to it.

These shoes offer excellent edging on the smallest of holds, and the vibram xs edge rubber is super sticky and seems to stick on the most polished of holds. The shoe is great for heel hooks, but in my opinion isn't quite as good as the heel on the Katanas.

The Miura XX is a brilliant sport climbing shoe, but if you're more of a boulderer I would recommend the Solutions.
Overall I would rate it 4.5 stars because the heel doesn't stick as much as I would like, but if you're looking for an advanced edging machine of a shoe for sport climbing I would recommend these

Impressive Allrounder

I have owned a variety of La Sportiva shoes from Solutions to Miura Velcro but this is definetly the most complete shoe of the bunch, it works everywhere! The lacing makes it easy to adjust the shoe to your foot more preciesly then with a velcro system. I also find the heel to more secure with the lacing system.

The shoe is really precise and it works wonders on technical and steep terrain. But I have also been bouldering hard with it with great results.

Overall, a shoe that works everywhere at the highest level.

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