La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoe - Men's

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The La Sportiva Miura is one of the classic pair of climbing shoes, great for bouldering and technical routes but can easily hold its own on multi-pitches or big... Show more >
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La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoe - Men's

The La Sportiva Miura is one of the classic pair of climbing shoes, great for bouldering and technical routes but can easily hold its own on multi-pitches or big wall climbs.

Originally intended for hard sport climbing and bouldering, the La Sportiva Miura, when sized down appropriately, has been hailed by many for its ability to perform on trad routes, crack climbing, and big wall climbing. One independent review said that they may feel quite clumsy and difficult to edge in at first, but after they're fully broken in and have softened up a little the time and effort all pays off. This shoe features a leather upper with a synthetic lining, so expect it to stretch about half a size. Size it according to what you want to use it for: tight for hard bouldering, looser for trad/longer climbs.

The Miura features a slingshot rand and a Powerhinged sole that, when small edges are weighted, prevents the shoe from stretching in the front half of the shoe to keep power and control on tiny holds. An aggressive downturn does mean it can still hook onto overhanging holds and slot into pockets, however!

If you're looking for a slightly stiffer shoe, or one that's for wide foot instead of narrow, consider the Miura VS, which features the P3 rand to increase foot support and harden up the feel of the shoe.

Tech specs

Upper material
Suede Leather
Inner material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Narrow Foot
Miura Lime
0.45 kg (Size 40 EU)
High Asymmetry
Sole material
Vibram XS Edge
Sole thickness


Miura Climbing Shoe - Men's

Full Features List

• The Slingshot Rand connected to the Powerhinge under the shoe increases edging performance
• The Slingshot Rand encapsulates the shoe and prevents lateral stretching to keep the foot's power drive forward
• Powerhinge is a small hole cut into the sole to make sure the shoe only stretches in the back and not the front on small edges
• 8-panel directional lining channels stretch for a performance fit
• Speed lacing system, designed for speed

Miura Climbing Shoe - Men's

Vibram XS Edge™

Rubber compound built for maximum performance on micro holds and extreme edging. This formula uses an improved plastic deformation resistance that ensures the utmost stability, rigidity, and support on footholds in hot or cold weather, as well as generally increasing durability.

9 product reviews

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Miura Climbing Shoe - Men's
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Thin cracks

These shoes eat up thin hands to finger sized cracks the narrow toe seems to slot in perfect to these sizes. I mainly use these for trad climbing I’ve used they about 1 size small then my street shoe my toes line flat n these edge so well at this size.
They don’t work the best in hand size cracks n wider tho better options like the tc pros

Best shoes yet

I bought these in the same size as my la sportiva tarantulas and regretted it for a couple of weeks because they were pretty tight. But after filling them with warm water a few times before I climbed they've become the best fitting shoes I've ever had. I've only used them in the gym so far but they're definitely what I was after.

I'm hooked on these

Everytime I need a new pair of rock shoes I start looking around at the huge selection of shoes out there - thinking there may be something better than the Miura. Well, maybe there is something better, but I certainly haven't found them. I have been buying these for the last 15 years and they do everything they say on the tin. They fit me really well and are great for trad and sport. Size can be an issue when deciding which size to go for - I go down 2 sizes from my street size. I've never been disappointed in the Miura. If you haven't tried them before, then give them a go.

If you have to pick one and only one pair of climbing shoes...

Miura's hit a strikingly good balance between comfort and performance. I have used mine in slabs, overhangs, sport, boulder... the list goes on. The heel fits me surprisingly better than other more aggressive shoes. One key advantage is that I can wear them forever! Solution's, Testarosa .... are like a ticking bomb, with the proper fit, I know I have a limited time with them on. Miuras on the other hand are just comfy, but in comparison other more relaxed shoes (Katanas, cobras...) you wont feel a significant decrease in toeing, edging, heel-hooking... My advice: If you haven't, check them out!

Sure-footed edging

Sized them down two EU sizes down from street shoes - perfect fit. La Sportiva recommends sizing down 2-3 sizes. I didn't notice much of a breaking in period. After maybe two climbing sessions they felt pretty much broken in to me.

I find Miuras to be a solid all-around shoe, and they feel really bomber on the tiniest footholds. Maybe wouldn't pick them for long crack climbs though. Also they are quite sensitive, so you feel the holds really well.

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