La Sportiva Futura Climbing Shoe

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The Futura is one of La Sportiva's best-selling high-performance climbing shoes with patented No-Edge® technology for increased sensitivity and friction on blank... Show more >
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La Sportiva Futura Climbing Shoe

The Futura is one of La Sportiva's best-selling high-performance climbing shoes with patented No-Edge® technology for increased sensitivity and friction on blank rock. The velcro version of the Genius, the Futura has a smaller volume and will be better suited for people with narrow-medium feet.

Designed for technical sport climbing and steep bouldering, the La Sportiva Futura features all of La Sportiva's not-so-secret recipes for their top-spec shoes. The P3® rand system maintains the shoe's powerful downturn, permanently. The Fast Lacing System® provides quick and precise adjustments without the same restrictions of velcro. But it's really the No-Edge® Technology that makes the Genius: a design that removes the edges from the shoe's rubber, this technology makes the shoe much more sensitive and adaptable than a standard climbing shoe and, whilst it will take some getting used to, will excel on seemingly blank rock. It may seem like a daft thing to do, but people have told us that they'd never go back to using a normal shoe.

The Futura's upper is made from leather/synthetic, so there will be probably be some stretch but not that much. La Sportiva recommend sizing the Futura in the medium area of not too loose and not too tight for the best performance.

For a softer version that will suit lighter climbers, there's also the Futura Women's.

Tech specs

Upper material
Suede Leather
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Narrow Foot
Futura Blue / Yellow
Blue / Black
Sole material
Vibram XS Grip 2
Sole thickness


Futura Climbing Shoe

No-Edge® Technology

No-Edge® Technology is especially effective on featureless rock and for smearing. It decreases space between the toe and the shoe’s rubber to enhance sensitivity, allowing you to “feel” tiny holds with greater precision, and its edgeless design creates a greater contact surface area with the rock - i.e., you don’t just the rubber under your toes, but the entire toe-box. No-Edge® Technology is ideal for steep bouldering, technical climbing, and hold-less feature climbing, where it instills maximum confidence on holds you wouldn’t even notice were there in a standard climbing shoe.

Futura Climbing Shoe

Vibram XS Grip2™

Rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need - bouldering and sport climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

Futura Climbing Shoe

P3® Permanent Power Platform

After intensive abuse, downturned climbing shoes can start to lose their distinctive shape. La Sportiva’s P3 rand system prevents from this happening so your shoe maintains its powerful profile, permanently.

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Futura Climbing Shoe
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Best shoe so far

I have worn them for just over a month and they are the best pair of shoes I have worn so far as well as comfortable.

Fit like a glove

Fantastic shoes. Comfortable straight out of the box. Little sore, but loosened up to the perfect fit and brilliant performance. Sticky and great fit on the heel.

Really impressive pair of shoes

I've been using a pair for a few weeks now, and so far I haven't found anything negative about it. Truly a versatile shoe that feels like a quality build - we'll see how long it really lasts.

One of the best La Sportiva shoes-but with one small draw back

There is truly nothing this shoe can't do. It has great comfort (you will want to size down a full size), and is a rock star in the gym and outside.
For technical sport climbs I'd put it up there with Scarpa's Chimera, and for bouldering it has the same versatility has the Furia S.
One the one draw back is the heel. I know this has been an issue with the Futura for a long time, and sadly it still is one. You can still pull hard on a solid heel hook, however you will spend a moment trying to find a good placement due to the excess space in the heel.
Despite that one thing, these shoes are perfect (plus the no edge is AMAZING!)

Highly recommend for hard and fun climbing.

New favourite soft shoes

Since first try those shoes were really comfortable, even if really tight.
I find them really effective both on smearing and on little foot holds, and superbe even on slabby routes.
Of course being soft shoes, after a long slab blouder session they start hurting a bit, but it is a minor drawback.
The heel is really sensitive but stable, I had to get used to the feeling of a softer heel after using skwamas for a long time, but after I learned to trust it, it allowed even more precise heelhooks.

What I found most surprising was the velcro closure system, that going all the way to the toes gives you the chance to adjust the fit of the shoe to your needs and tighten more the heel or the toes with just one strap.

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