Five Ten Hiangle Women's Climbing Shoe

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New model featuring a split midsole for better smearing on indoor and outdoor slopers; stiff midsole and lots of downturn yet a favourite amongst climbers thanks its unrivalled comfort. Show more >
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Five Ten Hiangle Women's Climbing Shoe

The Five Ten Hiangle Women's has a stiffer midsole than other aggressive climbing shoes, making it more effective on those small, technical edges. However, this updated model features a split midsole to allow for greater smearing capability on outdoor and indoor slopers/smears. Hailed for its high levels of comfort yet performance shape for hard climbing, the Five Ten Hiangle Women's is the perfect performance all-rounder for hard sport climbing, bouldering, and indoor climbing.

If you are used to the old Hiangle Women's when it was manufactured in the US then we suggest going a whole size up for the same fit.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
Stealth C4 Rubber


• Shaped to secure as a hook to keep climbers locked onto vertical or steep terrain.
• Easy break-in and comfort from start to finish with the unlined microfibre upper.
• Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole equips you with unbeatable grip and unrivalled edging.
• More rubber and greater friction, for those all important heel hooking moments.
• The divided split outsole offers optimal arch support and flexibility so you can adapt to any angle terrain

Hiangle Women's Climbing Shoe

Stealth® C4™ Rubber

A high-friction rubber used on the majority of Five Ten’s shoes due of its all-round performance and versatility. Five Ten first debuted this rubber on the original approach shoe, the Five Tennie, in 1985, and since then Stealth rubber has always been developed by Five Ten themselves in direct conjunction with their shoes, unlike other shoe manufacturers who outsource their rubber. The result is a rubber that works with your shoe harmoniously.

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Hiangle Women's Climbing Shoe
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