Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe

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The new Five Ten Hiangle (which won't give you the infamous "smurf feet" like the previous versions) is described as "the most comfortable" of Five Ten's downturned... Show more >
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Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe

The new Five Ten Hiangle (which won't give you the infamous "smurf feet" like the previous versions) is described as "the most comfortable" of Five Ten's downturned shoes, with an all-round performance that is relaxed enough for all day climbing, yet aggressive enough to tackle steep, overhanging routes.

The Hiangle utilises Five Ten's Stealth® C4™ rubber, a thicker application than many of their downturned shoes (4.2mm) which give it the stiffest profile and a supportive feel of the foot, whilst still maintaining an aggressive line, perfect for the versatile climber who wants a shoe that will perform on a variety of different mediums with a balance between comfort and performance. The unlined leather upper will stretch about a half-size and the single Velcro closure is designed for comfortability and ease of access. C4™ performs well both indoors and outdoors by blending friction and durability, and has exceptional edging performance.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Grey / Aqua
Low Asymmetry
Sole material
Stealth C4 Rubber
Sole thickness


Hiangle Climbing Shoe

Stealth® C4™ Rubber

A high-friction rubber used on the majority of Five Ten’s shoes due of its all-round performance and versatility. Five Ten first debuted this rubber on the original approach shoe, the Five Tennie, in 1985, and since then Stealth rubber has always been developed by Five Ten themselves in direct conjunction with their shoes, unlike other shoe manufacturers who outsource their rubber. The result is a rubber that works with your shoe harmoniously.

8 product reviews

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Hiangle Climbing Shoe
Based on 17 ratings
Not for an all-day wear, but wow, what an amazing shoe

Comfort? Got it (though not as much of an all-day wear as claimed)
Precision? Got it.
Stiffness? Got it
Need to smear? Probably not the best but still great.
Heel hooks? So easy!
Toe hooks? Even easier.

Incredible all around shoe that fits every type of climb and excels at almost all of them!
I bought 1/3 shoe size down and felt really tight at first and really hard to get into but after the elastic band below the velcro gave in, it fit perfectly.
The toe section of the shoe doest give in at all, meaning the precision will be there whenever you need it!

Overall 5*

Sticks to those micro edges perfectly

Having Solutions in size 42.5, the size 44 is a snug fit which took a few runs to break in. Now that the initial pain has subsided I'm really starting to dig the shoe. These are my first 5.10s and the C4 rubber is super sticky. This combined with the really downturned shape makes these great for mean edges and micro holds. For smearing I'd probably go with something a little less stiff

Excellent allround!

Due to the rubber I'm a true fan of 5.10 and I've tried a lot of their models. Mostly I fought a bit with their shapes and heels. I have to say, finally, Hiangles are the best I've ever tried. Now i have the third pair in a row.
As a slippers are more stiff, but overall I would appreciate it as moderate stiffness.
They will stretch quite soon. I have a normal size of 42 and I wear 41 hiangle. The first impression is that they are very tight but really stretch and shape nicely according to the foot.
Precise for leg work. Soon they are comfortable.
C4 Rubber sticks perfectly but quickly disappears. This is the first handicap.
The second handicap I see a shorter Velcro tape.
Anyway, in my opinion, they are an excellent universal climbing shoes for bouldering, sport climbing, multi-pitches but also indoor.
Excellent allround!

No need for two pair of shoes!

For years I have always carried two pairs of shoes with me: usually one par of Sportivas and one pair of 5.10s. I kind of had my favorite "toehooking" shoe and my favorite "heelhooking" shoe or my favorite "steep" shoe and my favorite "vertical/slab" shoe. There was always a compromise. With this pair of shoes things have changed: no need for two pair of shoes! Hiangles have everything I need, all in one! Plus, with this version you don't get bue feet -- perhaps the only (valid?) complaint I've heard so far.

A weapon for the block.

The Hiangle are the slippers that match my expectations, asymmetrical, arched while keeping a good flexibility. They are like a second skin. The rubber adheres well and protects the entire foot for counter-tip. The point could be finer, but it remains very precise, allowing a edging in slope, as in slab. The slipper relaxes a little when done, allowing great flexibility for slab and vertical adhesion. The heel is well maintained, and is very powerful, it can be forced on without any hesitation. The slipper goes back relatively high (it can be a little painful the first time). This is a real fighting weapon for the block ;) which remains equally effective in difficulties.
In addition this new model does not fade more like the old ones.

Les Hiangle sont les chaussons qui corresponde à mes attentes, asymétrique, cambré tout en gardant une bonne souplesse. Ils sont comme une seconde peau. La gomme adhère bien et protège l'ensemble du pied pour les contre pointe. La pointe pourrait être plus fine, mais elle reste très précise, permettant un grattonage en dévers, comme en dalle. Le chausson se détend un peu lorsqu'on les fait, permettant une grande souplesse pour les adhérence en dalle et en vertical. Le talon est bien maintenu, et est très puissant, on peut forcé dessus sans aucune hésitation. Le chausson remonte relativement haut (ce qui peut être un peu douloureux les première fois). C'est une véritable arme de combat pour le bloc ;) qui reste tout aussi efficace en difficultés.
De plus ce nouveau modèle ne décolore plus comme les anciens.

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