Five Ten Dragon VCS Climbing Shoe

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The classic Dragon that has been in Five-Ten's line-up for over a decade gets some modern updates. Still a high performing aggressive boulder shoe, with a great... Show more >
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Five Ten Dragon VCS Climbing Shoe

The classic Dragon that has been in Five-Ten's line-up for over a decade gets some modern updates. Still a high performing aggressive boulder shoe, with a great shape, it keeps the same last but with some improvements and new features. It now has a split sole, with the same thickness and stiffness in the front but with a soft midsole and thinner rubber in the heel combined with an updated heel shape. This gives more flexibility and therefore better fitting into the arch. The sole is 3.5mm Stealth HF (High Friction) rubber, Five-Ten's softest rubber compound. With softer rubbers you need less weight to activate the friction making it great for steep climbing, grabbing tiny divets really well on overhanging terrain which combined with the moderate downturn turns your feet into hooks and gives lots of sensitivity. It is probably not the shoe for edging on tiny foot holds on slabs.

The main material is now lined-microfibre with microfibre lining giving comfort straight out of the box. It is really soft with a cushion quality even in a tight aggressive fit. The lining maintains the shape and fit over time keeping the Dragon virtually stretch-free.

There is more rubber over the toe, to give enhanced toe hooking. The velcro version is new for climbers who like to get their shoes on and off fast. The velcro fastening is asymmetric so that it pulls at a greater angle and cinches the fit tighter.

Could this be the ultimate bouldering shoe?

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Dragon VCS Climbing Shoe

Stealth® HF™

HF stands for "high friction", and that's just what you get. The HF compound requires less downward force to achieve friction, meaning that it excels on overhanging terrain where the feet exert less power than the arms.

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Dragon VCS Climbing Shoe
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Not a perfect fit for me

This have been my first pair of 5.10 ever, so I can't compare with the previous models of the brand.
First of all, the size, I use a 41 with Scarpa and 43 2/3 with the 5.10. The large of the shoe seems to be perfect for me but the wide is super strait (thats my case obviously)
Besides, the problem is the upper part which remains unfilled. Another negative point for me is the lenght of the velcro, is so long and can be annoying.
On the other side, the shoe is very sensible and I really like the toe.

Крутые скальники

Крутые скальными с отличным качеством резины, кроя и дизайна.

Can be used hard on rocks.

Since it was changed to Adidas, it is slightly larger than the previous dragon.
I use US9.5 in Hiangle, but it's a little big in dragon. However, it's just fine if you've been wearing it all the time, but you might feel a little loose when you want to climb tight.

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