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Five Ten Crawe Climbing Shoe

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A semi-aggressive climbing shoe for bouldering and sport climbs. Show more >
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Five Ten Crawe Climbing Shoe

The Crawe is a semi-aggressive climbing shoe made for sport climbing and bouldering. A moderate downturn and stiffer flex along with a pointy and concave toe box give you a precise shoe with plenty of power in the toes and support to stand on tiny edges. The Crawe has Five Ten's famously sticky Stealth C4 on the sole so no matter what your standing on you can trust your foot is going to stick. The heel is covered in Stealth® HF which makes it very sensitive as well as super sticky so you can get as much out of those heel hooks as possible. The Crawe has a snug, sock-like fit and an upper made from Synthetic microfibre - Primeknit which is breathable, comfortable and moulds to your foot giving you an amazing fit.

Tech specs

Upper material
Inner material
Closure type
Matte Black / Red
0.39 kg (Size 40 EU)
Medium Asymmetry
Sole material
Stealth Hf
Moderate Downturn


Crawe Climbing Shoe

Stealth® HF™

HF stands for "high friction", and that's just what you get. The HF compound requires less downward force to achieve friction, meaning that it excels on overhanging terrain where the feet exert less power than the arms.

5 product reviews

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Crawe Climbing Shoe
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Be Extra Careful about SIZE

Bought a pair recently according to my previous experience of this shoe, but unfortunately it turned out to be excrutiatingly tight. I must warn the customers not to buy 5.10 shoes before testing them intuitively.

Old style five tens with improvements.

I've only used them twice outdoor (sport) and once indoor (bouldering). It feels like an old school five ten shoe in the sense that the tension comes a lot from heel to toe. The heel feels much better than previous five ten (i've used anasazi Velcro's), better toe hook as well. Good construction and soft materials. Fit wise i bought 43.5 euro, the same size as my Scarpa Instinct VS. Side to side they have the same length but the Five Ten's feel a little bit tighter.

The Best Shoe I've Owned

I'm an intermediate climber with about 3 years experience. I started with Mythos, then Anasazi, followed by Anasazi Pro. I've dabbled with Solutions but they are too agressive for my feet. These shoes are by far the best I've owned. They look downturned but feel more like a flat shoe. The heel is rock solid for my foot, I've had issues with baggy heels in all my previous 5.10. I wear the same size as my street shoe. When new they were very tight but broke in after a few hours of wear. Now they feel a tiny but loose in the toe box so I will try half size down when I buy my next pair. I will definietly buy these again.

Apex Performance

Absolutely gorgeous, aggressive shoe that’s perfect for difficult bouldering. It looks just as elegant as the photos. The leather stitching makes it super comfy and wrap around your ankle neatly, giving lots of extra feel for those hooks. Very good for edging as well. My street shoe is a 42 and I wear the same for my Crawe. 10/10 found my favourite performance shoe.

First impression, will update once used

First, these shoes have C4 rubber (EpicTV has it listed as HF), more stiff than the Aleon, about as stiff as the new Hiangle.

This shoe is what I thought the Aleon would be, forefoot is quite flat and stiff, very, very comfortable. Foot rests flat in the shoe, think Skwama with less toe curl, or perhaps Butora Acro Wide.

With how flat the forefoot is, I don’t think the shoe should be sized too aggressively, but I’ll have a better impression once the shoe is properly broken in.

The heel is relaxed, not as much as the Aleon, but does make me wonder about aggressive heel hooks. I tend to wear my street shoe in 5.10 shoes and that’s what I ordered. Overall the fit feels right, though I do have a bit of air when I go from standing on my toes to heels on the ground. I’m tempted to try a half size smaller, but I really don’t think the performance (besides heel hooks) would be much better, given how stiff and flat the forefoot is. At that point, might as well just pull out Hiangles.

The fabric on the inner sides of the shoes that the Velcro attaches to sits loose and looks a bit out of place, but I don’t think will negatively effect performance.

Overall, really great first impression, looking forward to climbing in them. With all the gym closures, hopefully I’ll get outside within the next weekend or two.

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