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Five Ten Anasazi LV Women's Climbing Shoe

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The Five Ten Anasazi LV Women's is a highly sensitive and comfortable all-round climbing shoe designed specifically for women with lower volume feet. If you have... Show more >
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Five Ten Anasazi LV Women's Climbing Shoe

The Five Ten Anasazi LV Women's is a highly sensitive and comfortable all-round climbing shoe designed specifically for women with lower volume feet. If you have narrow feet with generally lower volumes, and you're seeking a comfortable crack climbing, sport climbing, or multipitch climbing shoe, the Five Ten Anasazi LV Women's has a narrower tow box, a lower heel cup, and a high arch with a lower instep, all designed to better fit the female foot.

It seems to us that the main feature of the Anasazi LV Women's is its high sensitivity and smearing performance. If you're looking to climb a lot of multipitch trad or sport routes on granite, this shoe's comfortable fit, high sensitivity, and medium-stiff sole equal all-day wearability with a particular advantage on routes with low friction. It's also a non-aggressive gateway for the beginner seeking a high-performance all-round shoe that can be taken sport climbing or bouldering, indoor or out.

The Anasazi LV Women's features a lined synthetic upper, which means there will be the absolute minimum amount of stretch. If you're looking for a higher volume version, try the Anasazi VCS.

If you are used to the old Anasazi LV when it was manufactured in the US then we suggest going a whole size up for the same fit

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
Narrow Foot
0.38 kg (Size 40 EU)
Asymmetric Toe Box
Sole material
Stealth C4 Rubber
Sole thickness


Anasazi LV Women's Climbing Shoe

Stealth® C4™ Rubber

A high-friction rubber used on the majority of Five Ten’s shoes due of its all-round performance and versatility. Five Ten first debuted this rubber on the original approach shoe, the Five Tennie, in 1985, and since then Stealth rubber has always been developed by Five Ten themselves in direct conjunction with their shoes, unlike other shoe manufacturers who outsource their rubber. The result is a rubber that works with your shoe harmoniously.

9 product reviews

Average rating

Anasazi LV Women's Climbing Shoe
Based on 53 ratings


Comfortable, but technical shoe

Got my second pair now, comfortable but they do very well on all kinds of climbing. Slab, edges etc.

Great shoes

Bought a pair of Anasazi LV's in December 2016 and decided to wear until destruction in order to provide a rounded review.
Good times: Straight out the box, these shoes are comfortable but also super technical. My climbing has improved massively over the past 12 months. Great for edges, outdoors, indoors, long sport routes; they're a very versatile shoe. Even when worn out I still used them to warm up and easier routes.
Not so good times: I found the edge and toe wore quite quickly and after maybe 3 months of climbing 3 days a week indoors and 1 day outdoors every couple weeks, there wasn't much left on the edge for those small footholds so I stopped using these for projects. This may be average for most shoes though. Also overhangs or toe hooks are fairly difficult due to the design.
Good shoes for that transition from beginner to intermediate climbing but will also perform for technical stuff. Just don't fancy buying 4 pairs a year :)

Great shoe for bouldering and sport climbing

These shoes are a great all rounder if you want something for both sport climbs and bouldering. The LV is great for narrow feet as oppose to their counter part the original Anasazi Velcro which I have previously owned which I found difficult to get tight enough on occasions.
Going over the spec

- Rubber : I find the c4 to be slightly stiffer than Vibram XS which is on the La Sportiva Katana's which in my opinion are very similar type of shoe. This makes the shoe great for indoor climbing and sharper small footholds, not so great for smears (relying on friction alone on a surface for feet). My only wish is that there would be a bit more rubber over the toe box for toe hooks.
- Build : the split tongue is great for getting the shoes on and off easily and quickly, while you may think this is a bit irrelevant it does make it easier to remove between climbs if you like to down size in your shoe.
- Heel : if you are expecting something like the La Sportiva Solutions you might be a bit disappointed, they are slightly looser, but provided you size down accordingly this isn't a big problem and they are still very effective.
- Sizing : I recommend going down at least 1 size down from your normal trainer potentially 1.5 but also if you can try a pair in your local gym I would highly recommend this.

Overall 9/10 great all-round shoe, I would highly recommend for those looking to take on sport climbs and boulder trips. For those looking to compete I might suggest looking at shoes with more rubber over the toe box.
As for buying from EpicTv I would highly recommend them, particularly if you can get a promo code, the live chat is great if you have any questions during your purchases too.

Good luck and be safe :)

Best Shoes

My third pair of climbing shoes, best fit and great for smearing, indoors and out!

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