Five Ten Anasazi Lace Climbing Shoe

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The Five Ten Anasazi Lace is a high-performance yet comfortable edging and smearing shoe designed for crack climbing, trad climbing, and long multipitch routes - anything vertical that requires support and stiffness. Show more >
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Five Ten Anasazi Lace Climbing Shoe

The Five Ten Anasazi Lace is a powerfully packaged pretty-in-pink paradigm of peak performance pinkness... okay, let's stop that there. What we mean to say is that the all-day comfort and high-performance edging and smearing climbing shoe the Five Ten Anasazi Lace is finally back in production, and this time with a lower volume heel for a better fit and the ultra-sticky Stealth C4 rubber compound. Whether you need comfort and support on long multipitch routes or precision and power on trad, sport, and crack climbs, the Anasazi Lace's stiff design with a focus on edging and smearing will keep you coming back for more - if you can ever distract yourself from the heavenly pink, that is.

Five Ten have constructed the Five Ten Anasazi Lace with a lined synthetic upper, so expect there to be the absolute minimum of stretch in the shoe. With minimal stretch, you can be assured of a reliable and constant fit even after years of heavily abusing your climbing shoe.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
The Pink
0.45 kg (Size 40 EU)
Asymmetric Toe Box
Sole material
Stealth C4 Rubber
Sole thickness


Anasazi Lace Climbing Shoe

Stealth® C4™ Rubber

A high-friction rubber used on the majority of Five Ten’s shoes due of its all-round performance and versatility. Five Ten first debuted this rubber on the original approach shoe, the Five Tennie, in 1985, and since then Stealth rubber has always been developed by Five Ten themselves in direct conjunction with their shoes, unlike other shoe manufacturers who outsource their rubber. The result is a rubber that works with your shoe harmoniously.

13 product reviews

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Anasazi Lace Climbing Shoe
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Love it

First time using laces and I'm loving it, fits perfect, very comfortable.


First of all when ordering these I went for a half size smaller than my usual 7. When they arrived they were too tight and I could feel hotspots straight away! A short chat with one of Epictv's team and I had a new set on the way to me! Got the new 7s and they fit a dream, the midsole support is brilliant, grip is brilliant and super comfy... These are my new favourite shoes! And once again EpictTv had the best deal and as usual great service!


I’m a beginner, and I only tried La Sportiva Tarantula before… other world, amazing shoes!!! Very good midsole support and good edging, I love the grip of Stealth C4, especially for granite… it fit perfect on my foot, this shoes has changed my approach to climbing, now I can feel me more secure and confident.
Just a question, it’s a man’s shoe… why they made it in pink???

Great for edging, but not much else

I bought these about 3 months ago and I was kind of dissapointed at first, now I've come to accept them for what they are, but I'm still not super satisfied. I don't understand what's the hype about them. My problem with this climbing shoes is that they are to rounded at the front, so you can't step into small pockets and dimples in the limestone, where I predominantely climb (like you can with lets say La Sportiva Solution). And it's not about the lack of downturn on them, because I saw that 5.10 Hiangle have the same round tip. Also, I don't find the C4 rubber as sticky as everyone says. However, these shoes are very stif and great for edging. You really can stand on a dime with them. They are mostly suitable for vertical terrain, but do not excell in the overhangs. The heel is not great for heel-hooking, beacause it's not completelly in rubber. That said, they are very comfortable, due to their flatness.

I wear street shoes size 43 EUR and bougth "the Pinks" in 42,5 EUR. They have stretch a little, so maybe I should have bought them in 42 EUR.

Great shoe, terrible laces

So I have these shoes for about a month now, and I must say; I'm impressed with the quality of both the shoe and rubber. The laces provide a good and snug fit and although the colour might 'scare' some men away, I actually like it. The only downside I could name so far, is that I have noticed that the laces don't hold up as well as I hoped.

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