Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

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The Evolv Shaman is the centrepiece of the Chris Sharma Signature Series, designed for the high-end boulderer and sport climber. Evolv say that the new Shaman retains... Show more >
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Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Shaman is the centrepiece of the Chris Sharma Signature Series, designed for the high-end boulderer and sport climber. Evolv say that the new Shaman retains the legendary performance of the previous model, and they haven’t taken anything away, just added and improved. For better toe-hooking, the straps have been moved further up the shoe to make room for a larger toe patch. The front strap has also been inset to allow for better side toe scumming and to reduce wear and tear. Generally, the fit has been improved, particularly so around the heel which now has better “suction”, and in the toe’s metatarsal area where side windows have been placed to allow the foot to spread during high pressure, powerful movements.

If the old Shaman fit your toes perfectly, so will the new ones. Evolv recommend that due to the increased sensitivity of the Shamans, many are sizing these down a half size from the previous version.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sole material
TRAX Rubber 4.2 mm


Shaman Climbing Shoe

TRAX® Rubber

Used by Chris Sharma himself, TRAX® climbing shoe rubber manufacturer say they focus two things: traction (friction and grip) and hardness/durability. As the world’s best climber says, “Trax Rubber has the perfect blend of stickiness and durability for climbing of all types. Whether I am on a granite slab or an overhanging sport route, I have total confidence in every foot placement.” TRAX® has also introduced a number of eco-initiatives over the years, which you can learn more about from their website.

Shaman Climbing Shoe

Full Features List

• Chris Sharma’s signature high-performance shoe
• Love Bump/Knuckle Box puts the toes in a position of power and removes dead spaces
• Improved fit over the previous Shaman for more comfort, precision, and power
• Added toe rubber creates a large area for toe-hooking
• Inset front strap for better medial side toe scumming
• Variable Thickness Rand uses thinner rubber in high pressure areas and thicker rubber in high-wear zones for better comfort and durability
• Vegan-friendly

5 product reviews

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Shaman Climbing Shoe
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Great shoes

I have two pairs of the Sharman and absolutely love them. I mainly sports climb outdoors or at the gym and find these shoes very comfortable to wear for about two hours, after which I like to take off after each route. I’ve actually bought my street shoe size and find that a snug fit but comfortable! I highly recommend.

nice shoes, dont downsize more than one size

I went with 41 from 42 street shoe, should have gone for street size if I wanted comfort.

Great performance and comfort at the same time.

The best shoe I have used so far. I have wide feet and some models really don't it me. If you have wide feed this is the perfect model for you. Normally I wear 41 and from this model I have 40 which feels great after 2-3 sessions.

Size differences

Great shoe! it's great standing on small footholds dancing through the slabs, and really agressive when it comes to heel and toe-hooks doing hang-overs and "roof".
Unfortunately i bought theese in a 42EU, same size as my la Sportiva Cobra, (I use 43EU i La Sportiva Miura).
If you buy this shoe and it fits, you get one of the best shoes made, but be aware that if you normally fit a 44-45EU in normal shoes you should maybe try a Shaman around 43-43,5EU

Soft, Agressive, Comfortable

Solid high performance climbing shoe for indoor and outdoor climbing. Soft enough to feel the nuance of footholds and supportive/sticky enough to stay. Nice toe-hook patch and solid heel-hooking. Has held up pretty well over the course of a year.

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