Evolv Geshido Lace Women's

Low-volume version of the Geshido Lace. An all-rounder with a focus on performance: hard bouldering, steep sport climbing, and technical vertical faces are all fair game. Downturned, asymmetric last. Unlined synthetic upper. Show more >
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Evolv Geshido Lace Women's

The Evolv Geshido Lace Women's is the low-volume version of the Geshido. Evolv designed the Geshido Lace Women's as a performance all-rounder climbing shoe—from steep bouldering to vertical faces, from overhanging sport climbs to slabs, the Geshido Lace Women's provides performance for hard sending with enough comfort and support for longer, more moderate climbs. Being low-volume, the Evolv Geshido Lace Women's will naturally suit climbers with narrower, low-volume feet.

The Evolv Geshido Lace Women's features are designed with all-round performance in mind. Its downturned, asymmetric last and thinner heel rand provide grip, precision, and flexibility needed to grip footholds on steeper climbs, yet its full-length plastic midsole ensures enough support and rigidity on vertical, technical faces when needed. A 3/4 length lacing system provides a secure fit in the forefoot whilst still allowing the toe area to flex on steep climbs and contract on slabs.

Designed to transition between steep and hard climbing to technical faces, the Geshido Lace Women's will suit any climber who's after one pair of shoes to do it all.

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TRAX-SAS ® is Evolv's primary rubber formula, giving the most amount of friction on different types of rock and plastic holds while performing consistently over a wide range of temperatures.

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Geshido Lace Women's
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