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Edelrid Cyclone

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The Edelrid Cyclone Climbing Shoe is the brand's top-spec shoe for all-round climbing. It’s soft and sensitive, ideal for strong climbers, with extra rigidity in... Show more >
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Edelrid Cyclone

The Edelrid Cyclone Climbing Shoe is the brand's top-spec shoe for all-round climbing. It’s soft and sensitive, ideal for strong climbers, with extra rigidity in the forefoot, thanks for a thermo-formed midsole, for added grip and toe hooking prowess. this also provides a little extra support, making the Edelrid Cyclone ideal for ambitious intermediate climbers, as well. The radically asymmetric, down-turned shape means you can be super-precise, which makes it a great shoe for technical boulder problems and sport climbs on all types of rock. The innovative fast-lace system and handle on the top of the foot make for quick and easy ons and offs, as well as simple adjustments, for all-day comfort and a perfect fit.

Tech specs

Closure type
Green / Black



E-Grip Rubber

E-grip is a patented rubber compound that’s used by Edelrid in all their climbing shoes. It’s designed to be sticky, sensitive and durable for optimal performance while climbing.


Two-tension Frame

Edelrid’s special two-tension frame construction is designed to provide maximum power transferral through the shoe and help stop the shoe twisting when it’s on an edge for optimal stability in tight situations.

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Good shoe, bad quality

I bought these shoes for gym climbing, because my old shoes, that i had worn for 2 years had died. I wanted a comfortable slipper design, with an aggressive shape for bouldering, and this model ticked all the boxes. (and it was on sale). Considering that i love edelrid products, i thought, that this will be a great addition to my kit. Never have I been so wrong.

As far as sizing goes, the EpicTv recommendation is on point, but i went a half size up for better comfort (i don't like taking on and off my shoes in the gym). It was perfect for what i needed. Very soft, comfortable, sticky. The heel is a bit baggy, but i'm used to it (my old shoes were even worse). I rarely tighten the laces, because the elastic thingie on the top gives enough tension. (i tighten them on more demanding heel hooks to ensure that the heel doesn't pop out). Very short break-in period, and comfortable out of the box.

Now the bad part... After only 2 weeks of use (four 3-hour sessions) the toe patch started to peel off. It didn't bother me much, and instead of sending them back i had them repaired for a fraction of the shipping cost.
And now, after 3 weeks, i had noticed that the sole at the tip had started to delaminate.
Also from an aesthetic point of view, the pretty lime green color turns into a more unpleasant vomit-green in no time. So there's that.

Overall i'd say that they are very good shoes performance wise, but they seriously lack in build quality. Would not recommend. I'd look for other brands instead.

Very good shoe

This is my new favorite shoe for indoor bouldering. These shoes has the best feel for delicate foot holds compared to my other shoes (La Sportiva Python, Jeckyl, Futura, Skwama, So Ill Runners, Boldrini Apache Light). Okay, Futura comes close or even.

I like the top handle, it helps a lot to put these on,

Durability is a bit of a suspect. There is definite signs of wear and tear after a quite brief usage. This is the reason I gave only 4 stars.

I used size recommendation based on my snuggest fit shoe (Skwama) and went on bit looser shoe as I did not want quite as a snug shoe. Absolutely spot on for my need. I am now considering to order another pair, bit more snug for top performance =D

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