Boreal Ninja Climbing Shoe

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Aggressively-shaped performance slipper with moulded toe and heel rubbers to maximise performance and sensitivity. Features Boreal's high-friction Zenith Ultra rubber compound and a synthetic upper that's vegan-friendly. Show more >
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Boreal Ninja Climbing Shoe

The Boreal Ninja is back and has been modernised to match the performance of contemporary performance climbing shoes. Built on the same last as the Satori, the Ninja is aggressively downturned and asymmetric, and with Zenith Ultra rubber—Boreal's highest friction compound—highly sensitive to provide precision and performance on micro footholds. The Wrap Rand tension system hugs the arch to provide a snug fit, and the toe rubber is moulded in a pre-downturned shape to ensure the shoe maintains its downturn performance for longer. The rubber on top of the toes is an extension of the toe rand with no seams or joins to reduce pressure points and maximise comfort and sensitivity. The synthetic upper also guarantees a performance fit over the lifespan of the shoe. All-in-all a great shoe at a great price.

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Ninja Climbing Shoe
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First impressions of this shoe, as right now I've only worn them for less than an hour in the gym:

- How on earth are people fitting their feet into these going a whole size down. I'm a street 9, and ordered a ninja 8 and 9, and can barely even get my feet in the 9s - I didn't even bother trying the 8s!
- Even though my feet are in, my GOD these are so uncomfortable, borderline unwearable even.
- The only reason they're not both been returned already is the guy saying that a couple of days they soften up. I really hope so.
- The small amount of climbing I've done in them.. feel ok but I'm literally slipping off holds I can stand on no problem in a pair of £30 decathlon shoes. It's a bit concerning.
- Quality is first rate, and look cool, but that's not enough. These may be going back.

Comfortable Performance Slipper

I bought these shoes purely for indoor bouldering. The soft rubber is amazing for standing on volumes and the shape of the shoe are great for overhanging boulders. Only for very small edges the shoe is not the best, as the soft rubber does not provide as much support for the toes as other shoes with slightly harder rubbers. The shoe is quite hard to get into, as the entry is small, but once you've made it the shoe is super comfortable and can be worn for longer periods of time. The fit is very snug, only for my feet the heel leaves a bit of air, but this has no noticeable effect when climbing. I really recommend these shoes for people looking for a comfortable bouldering slipper, amazing value for the price. I bought them in size 44, while wearing street shoes in 45 and Scarpa shoes in 42.5. The sizing chart provided is very accurate, so measure your feet and buy accordingly.

Great value for money

Street shoe 8
Contrary to other reviews I went 1/2 size down
Narrow feet and fit well
Heel good until some moisture in shoe, then begins to slip a bit but nothing major
Look cool
Sticky rubber
All in all, great value for money


Having a narrow foot and heel these are the best shoes I've ever owned.
Went 1/2 size down and they feel great, no trapped air whatsoever, the arch and heel never loose contact with my foot. They feel like a second skin without being too painful.
I found myself enjoying slabs more than anything as they give such confidence and grip that you question if there's anything better.
The only downside is that the opening is so narrow that it takes me longer than velcro and laces to get them on from cold, so much that I worry about finger injury from pulling on the tabs so hard.
I wouldn't get them for the slipper style benefits but as an high performance shoe they're second to none.

Great performance shoe

First couple of days were horrible, I almost sent it back 2x. But than it broke in, it DOES stretch. I went to half a size down to street shoe size, perfect performance fit (10min on), good rubber. However I'm only concerned about top orange rubber as it seems to wear out quickly

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