Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoe

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The Boreal Mutant is a high-performance climbing shoe designed for sport climbing and bouldering, with a Lateral Torsion System for a more secure fit and the Friction Skin toe-patch for enhanced toe-hooking ability. Show more >
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Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoe

Most climbing shoes evolve; this shoe mutates. Designed for hard sport climbing and bouldering, the Boreal Mutant is designed for routes where finding friction, smearing, edging, heel-hooks and toe-hooks are all key to a successful ascent. The Lateral Torsion System is a tensioning band designed to support the foot without decreasing suppleness. The Friction Skin uses granules of the ultra-sticky Zenith Pro rubber combined with glue for maximum friction during toe-hooks, and the 3D moulded Zenith heel cup eliminates all dead space. The aggressive downturn, high asymmetry, and soft midsole provide power, precision, and technicality on the steepest of routes and the most overhanging problems, with the Zenith Pro rubber performing equally as well on polished rock as it does on edges. An unlined leather upper will stretch (up to a full size) and fully mould to the foot's unique shape, whilst the anti-deformation midsole will ensure that the Mutant will maintain its powerful shape even after stretching and heavy use.

The Boreal Mutant is ideal for high-level sport climbers and boulders climbing steep rock, with a particular focus on heel and toe-hooks.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
Sizing and fit
Medium Foot
0.46 kg (Size 40 EU)
High Asymmetry
Sole material
Sole thickness


Mutant Climbing Shoe

Zenith Pro®

Zenith Pro® rubber is Boreal's pro level compound featured on their highest performance rock climbing shoes. This compound excels on low friction routes and overhangs, but it also maintains an ability to hold micro edges. A true high-performance rubber available from the brand who invented "sticky" rubber as we know it today.

Mutant Climbing Shoe

Lateral Torsion System

The Lateral Torsion System is the latest development in rand tensioning technology. A tensioning band is used in conjunction with varying rubber thickness to produce a highly supportive yet supple hold on the foot.

Mutant Climbing Shoe

Friction Skin

Friction Skin is the name given to Boreal's special coating designed to enhance friction on the top of the shoe. Granules of ultra sticky Zenith rubber are combined with a durable glue to create a thin and supple rubber layer over the toes.

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Mutant Climbing Shoe
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Affordable Warm-up Shoe

Fantastic price, great fit, great shoe. I only boulder indoors with them. Not the stickiest rubber around though... so they've become my warm up shoe. No complaints aside from that.

Great for bouldering, sport climbing and those with wide feet!

Overall: Highly recommended for bouldering and sport climbing, especially those with wider feet. A bit tough to slip into but once your feet are in, it feels super secure and your heel locks right in. I thought the Ocun Ozone Plus was a good shoe but the Mutants are definitely an upgrade and my go to shoes for everything except trad climbing (although I'm pretty sure they would probably perform well for trad but I have my Boreal Ballarina Golds for that!).

Sizing: I recommend a half size down from your street shoe size, and possibly a full size down if you need competition performance. It took about 5 -7 sessions to break them in and I find that I can keep them on for about 15 - 20 minutes before having to remove them.

Toe/heel hooking: Excellent shoe for hooking the and really where I think this shoe excels. The Zenith rubber grips well on both natural rock and indoor holds and the rubber is located in all the right places.

Smearing and edging: Surprisingly good for smearing on natural rock and synthetic walls and the micro edging ability is good for a medium stiffness shoe.

Great shoe, can't get better for the price

I use this shoe purely for bouldering and I must say it's probably the best value shoe you can get at the moment. The heel fits perfectly, never worried that the shoe is going to come off when performing heel hooks. The toe box as well fits brilliantly well. I am still breaking the shoes in but even so they are far less painful than pairs I have owned previously.

I'm a size 9 street shoe and picked up a pair of these in a size 8 which seems to fit me really well. Honestly can't recommend these shoes enough, especially at the prices they are currently going for!

Great all-rounder, can be picked up for a song

These are brilliant shoes. I use them for indoor training in route climbing and bouldering and so far they've never missed a beat and I won't hesitate to take them outside in the summer. I wear mine the same size as my street shoe and although the first time getting them on my feet felt like trying to stuff a blue whale into a sardine tin they break in pretty quickly and now they fit like socks. My feet are pretty wide and these are great for me.

My "style" of climbing seems to include a lot of heel and toe hooks, and these shoes have by far the best heel of anything I've tried yet outside of the La Sportiva Genius. The only real criticism that I have of them is that the downturn is almost completely gone after about 2 months' use. Not much of an issue though if you aren't using them for eyeballs-out bouldering, in which case I'd probably get something else anyway.

Catch them at the right time of year and you can bag a pair of these for £80 with sales, discount codes and 5% back. At that price these are a steal for a solid all-round performance slipper. A STEAL.

Good all round shoe

This shoe has performed well for me as an all rounder, bouldering and route climbing. Edging ability is good, the relatively stiff midsole at the toes makes very small holds harder to feel but also makes them less painful on the toes.
I bough size 7.5, my feet are 24 x 9.5 cm. i found the fit painfully tight at first but they have broken in to the point that I can climb comfortably in them.

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