Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe Women's

A slightly downturned shoe with high asymmetry and a comfortable leather upper—highly precise when standing on small edges, and very comfortable when worn in. Ideal for bouldering and hard sport climbing. Low volume version. Show more >
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Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe Women's

The Black Diamond Focus Climbing Shoe Women's main strength is standing on small holds for a long time whilst still remaining comfortable. The last is slightly downturned with a high asymmetry, making it highly precise for hard boulder problems but not too uncomfortable for longer sport routes with lots of small edges; although, the real secret to its comfort is the leather upper, giving you a customised fit that will stretch and mould to your specific foot shape. And, as with all of Black Diamond's climbing shoes, the Focus' rubber has been moulded rather than cut, allowing for much more control of the weight, thickness, and consistency of each mould to enhance the rubber’s overall comfort, durability and performance.

If you're looking for the normal volume model, you can find it here.

Tech specs

Upper material
Closure type
High Asymmetry
Sole material
Moderate Downturn


Focus Climbing Shoe Women's


• Low volume: ideal for narrower, lower volume feet
• Moderate, slightly down-turned last for technical climbing on vertical to gently-overhanging terrain
• 4.3mm rubber is purpose-built for edging and moulded for consistency and performance
• Engineered Knit Technology tongue provides exceptional breathability and comfort
• Fine, durable leather upper
• High friction rubber is printed on the shoe to minimise bulk and maximise dexterity and grip for toe hooking
• Velcro straps for fit adjustability
• Medial and Lateral stabiliser rands increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges

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Focus Climbing Shoe Women's
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