Cassin Eghen 22

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The Cassin Eghen 22 is a durable, multi-faceted backpack designed for elite alpinists and multi-pitch climbers, with a host of features designed for streamlined... Show more >
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Cassin Eghen 22

The Cassin Eghen 22 is a durable, multi-faceted backpack designed for elite alpinists and multi-pitch climbers, with a host of features designed for streamlined and versatile carries of climbers’ gear.

Named after the historic route climbed by Ricardo Cassin on the Pizzo d’Eghen in 1932, Cassin say the Eghen 22 comes from the popular request of alpinists and multi-pitch climbers. The Eghen 22 has an essentialist 22-litre capacity, and utilised Cordura 500D fabric for its bottom and 210HD Ripstop Nylon for the sidewalls. The abundance of cold-weather, alpine, and multi-pitch features include: a 6mm rigid foam pad that doubles as an emergency bivy pad, streamlined technical ice tool holders, a removable waistbelt, external waterproof pockets for maps and valuables, an external rope carrying system that allows the rope to be carried on the top or bottom of the lid, an external helmet carrying system that stows away when not in use, and a new fast pull cord closure system buckles designed for effective use with gloves. When not full, the pack is designed to be compressed so it maintains a trim profile.

Tech specs

WEIGHT915 g, 32.3 oz
MATERIAL(S)210HD Ripstop Nylon & Cordura 500D Fabrics


Eghen 22

210HD Ripstop Nylon & Cordura 500D Fabrics

Heavy-duty Cordura 500D for the bottom of the bag (most contact with the ground), and abrasion-resistant 210HD Ripstop Nylon for the side walls. Ripstop is used in sails, hot air balloons, kites, and parachutes, and Cordura is still favoured by the military for use in their backpack, boots, and apparel. Both have an outstanding resistance to abrasions and tears.

Eghen 22

Alpine, Multi-Pitch, and Ice Climbing Features

• Technical ice axe holders with a head-locker system on the bottom and Velcro straps on top
• External helmet carrying system can be stowed away when not in use
• Frameless back is lined with a removable 6 mm rigid pad that can be used as an emergency bivy pad
• Connection points for the bottoms of the shoulder straps is higher for better weight distribution while climbing
• External rope carrying system
• Innovative new fast pull cord closure system has been optimized for use with gloves
• Fixed daisy chains with compression straps for securing gear to the outside of the pack
• Buckles are optimized for use with gloves
• Removable waist belt with two adjustment points
• Removable chest strap is height adjustable
• Burly handle on top for hauling and clipping

Eghen 22

Other Features

• External waterproof pocket for maps, phones and other essentials
• Zippered inner pocket for valuables
• Inner gear loop for organizing
• Hydration compatible

4 product reviews

Average rating

Eghen 22
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Super technical pack for fast'n'light style lovers

When I first saw this backpack at the local store I thought "wow, this one looks like a perfect pack for fast and light ascents" and you know what, personally for me it is. So here is the list of pros and cons for this backpack.
-Nothing extra, this is the first thing I like about it. No pockets, slings etc. Pure technical pack!
-Roll top. For me, it is crucial when I make a summit push. To my mind roll top is the best thing ever was created for technical packs (I am not speaking about hiking packs and so over, this backpack was made for the different purpose).
-Fast pull cord closure system works really well, even with big winter gloves.
-Daisy chains on the sides plus compression straps allow you to adjust your pack to your needs. Need a to connect a mat - here you go. Prefer minimalistic - take everything off.
-The removable pad in the back is definitely a plus. In case of emergency, you can take it out and get some extra insulation under you back.
-Ice tools holders work really good and do their job.

-This is not a comfortable backpack. If you are looking for comfort - try something else.
-Roll top closing loop. Seems like the loop is to small for the buckle, such a pain to close it. Maybe need to get used to it but for now, this is a problem for me.
-Hips strap doesn't take off you back any weight.

This backpack will fit mountaineers who are counting each gram. Rock climbers on multi-pitch routes. Ice climbers, when you don't need to walk far.
This backpack won't fit people who like comfy backpacks and for hikers, who carry much.


Buena mochila , cumple las aspectativas para el precio que tiene


Disappointing. I was expecting something more robust. Now I know to be more careful—where weight-savings is a focus that sometimes means using less material, not new and lighter weight materials. The shoulder straps, in particular are very thin and uncomfortable. They're formed from one piece of U-shaped foam. So if the width of your shoulders and neck doesn't sit nicely into that shape, it's going to be really annoying. Wearing this pack over a heavier jacket might mitigate the strap(s) digging into your shoulders and neck. The integrated top lid is also unusual and small—another effort to save weight via a clever design. It works, but takes some getting used to. And don't plan on putting anything more than your keys, wallet and phone in it, that's all that'll fit. A really annoying feature is how the lid is secured. The loop of webbing is just a bit too small for the metal hook, so it can be difficult to quickly open and close the pack. I'm not pleased with this purchase at all.


This backpack could keep more thing then others with this size and it is very light and confortable. Unfortunatly I could not set it up faster, because the way for closing is unusual. And when is rain the backpack get wet.

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