Rockbusters Climbing Trip Europe 2019

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Get 15% off the Rockbusters Euro Trip 2019 when you buy with us. Over 8 weeks and 8 destinations, you'll visit some of the world's best crags and receive one-on-one coaching from the Rockbusters team, so you'll leave the trip a better climber. Show more >
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Rockbusters Climbing Trip Europe 2019

8 weeks, 8 climbing destinations. You can book any week or weeks on the Rockbusters Climbing Trip Europe 2018. Some of the world's most famous sport climbing destinations are visited—Finale, Margalef and Rodellar—and with experienced guides and coaches providing personalised, one-on-one coaching, you'll be able to learn and improve, whatever your climbing ability.

From Rockbusters:
The Eurotrip is Rockbusters' favourite time of the year. How could it not be? We’re driving across the continent, stopping at all of the most iconic crags, and any other you want to visit. You can focus on climbing as much as possible whilst experiencing the freedom of the ultimate climbing road trip. We love it and our guests love it, so we do it year after year!

The nature of the Climbing Eurotrip allows you to dip in and out of it as you wish. You can join us for your favourite locations. The atmosphere of the Rockbusters Eurotrip is legendary. Everyone quickly becomes a part of the Rockbusters family. After weeks on the road, it’s always hard to say goodbye and you’re likely to come back for more next year!

We’ll introduce you to many of Europe’s best climbing locations, like the Margalef or Ceuse.

You will experience sport climbing at its best, receive expert coaching and guidance, as well as have the most fun you ever have while rock climbing!

Our performance coaching is ongoing throughout the tour. Below are the examples of topics covered:
• Choosing the most suitable climbing gear for your needs and how to use it safely
• Belaying, lead belaying, setting up top-ropes and lead climbing in the way that’s most conducive to learning new rock climbing skills
• Standard climbing calls and best communication practice to ensure safety wherever you go
• Using guidebooks so that you can become a confident, independent climber
• Understanding of objective outdoor risks so you can make it home safely every day
• Cleaning the anchors and routes so you can retrieve all your gear safely
• Movement skills (technique) for more efficient climbing
• Footwork on slabs and vertical faces, using balance and correct feet placements to maximise your efficiency on the rock (for climbers leading f5 or harder)
• Steep climbing techniques (overhangs), resting and saving energy (for climbers leading f6c or harder)

The trip is suitable for climbers of all levels as our experienced team of instructors and guides will plan the itinerary to suit the needs of the whole group. Everybody gets to climb as much as they can, receiving as much coaching as they need.

Our main focus is having long, epic climbing days (without having an epic!). You can tackle many routes each day and spend plenty of time on the rock.

Schedule of destinations:
Week 1 - Labské Údolí / Czech Republic

Week 2 - Frankenjura / Germany

Week 3 - Zillertal / Austria

Week 4 - Finale Ligure / Italy

Week 5 - Céüse / France

Week 6 - Gorges du Tarn / France

Week 7 - Margalef / Spain

Week 8 - Rodellar / Spain

What's included in the price:
• Unlimited coaching and guiding as you want and need, from the Rockbusters team.
• All safety equipment including quick draws, ropes, harness, helmet, but feel free to bring your own.
• Pick up and drop off at closest airport. Other locations can be accommodated on request (FREE CHARGE).
• Local transport (FREE CHARGE).
• Shared accommodation in climbing hostels, camps (FREE CHARGE).

What's not included in the price:
• Flights, travel, climbing insurance, and food are not included. You will also need to BRING YOUR OWN CLIMBING SHOES.
• Evening group meals are provided on request at a cost of 15€ each. There will normally be two dishes on offer and you can go for both. Wine is also included... in reasonable quantities!
• Every participant has to provide their own personal travel and climbing insurance.

You will need:
Climbing shoes, harness, helmet, belay device, 60cm sling, screw gate carabiner, sleeping bag, foam pad, good approach shoes, back pack, warm and light jacket, and a headlamp.

Labské údolí - Czech republic

The Elbe Mountains are without doubt one of the best sandstone areas in Europe, forming the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. The River Elbe carves its way through the soft sandstone creating steep sided gorges and crags that are begging to be climbed. It’s very challenging for technical sport climbing and generally considered suitable for climbers capable of leading 6a’s and harder. If you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt then this is a great place to improve your technique and mental control – becoming a Zen climbing master.

Fly via Prague, arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Sunday to Friday.

Frankenjura - Germany

One of the biggest and best climbing spots in Germany and probably Europe too. Located between Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth there are about 1,000 crags to explore in the area, which is enough to keep anyone busy. Most routes are short, powerful single pitch sport climbs on limestone with plenty of finger pockets. With around 10,000 routes, this is perfect for climbers of all levels. It’s also family-friendly and a top spot to start leading or to do your first outdoor climbs all backdropped by the beautiful forests of Bavaria. There’s accommodation to suit most needs and budgets in campsites or guesthouses.

Fly via Nürnberg, Germany: arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Sunday to Friday.

Zillertal - Austria

The undisputed best granite climbing spot in the Tirol, bar none. There are around 700 routes to climb, seven via ferratas, climbing gardens and lots of pitch tours. With so many options you can climb here until your fingers bleed (hopefully not of course!). We usually say that some outdoor climbing experience and leading may be relevant but not essential, and there are plenty of routes for all abilities. We love this stop on the tour and think you will too. Accommodation is in a local campsite.

Fly to München, Germany. Fly from Milano, Italy: arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Monday to Friday.

Finale Ligure - Italy

With the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria done, Italy is the next logical stop. And what a stop it is. The climbing at Finale Ligure is stunning. With around 2,700 routes to choose on white limestone rocks in an area of about 10 square kilometres, this is one of the best climbing areas in Italy. The deep green landscape can be harsh and wild, and it’s not your usual climbing area, but then again, this is not your usual climbing tour either. It’s the perfect place for experienced climbers to go hard and beginners to bag their first crags. The free camping area is a nice bonus too.

Fly to Milano, Italy. Fly from Torino, Italy: arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Sunday to Friday.

Ceüse – France

The best sports climbing crag in France and maybe even the world, this is a no brainer stop off point for our tour. Blessed with beautifully pocketed limestone, amazing lines and a truly stunning location, this is a climbing nivannah that is not to be missed. Most routes are single pitch and the climbing is really varied, ranging from overhangs to steep technical walls. The routes are renowned for being tough and requiring plenty of stamina so they are mostly suitable for climbers with some outdoor climbing experience and good fitness. Leading experience is also relevant but not essential. Accommodation in Ceüse is in a campsite.

Fly into Torino, Italy. Fly back from Montpellier, France: arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Sunday to Friday.

Gorge du Tarn - France

Situated in the south-west of France in the Pyrenees, this is a well-known spot for bouldering and sports climbing. The rock here is good and well-bolted with the Gorge du Tarn offering excellent steep overhangs that will test the stamina of even experienced climbers. There’s a good spread of grades so something for all ability levels to get stuck into. Some routes are up to 150m long. Again, it’s suitable for sport climbers with at least some outdoor climbing experience and being able to lead climb is relevant but not essential. Accommodation is also in a campsite.

Fly via Montpelliere, France: arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Sunday to Friday.

Margalef – Spain

Considered a climbing paradise by some, Margalef in Spain is located near to Montsant and Siurana. With more than 500 routes of all types, quality and grades. There’s big overhangs, small pockets, tufas, boulder routes and plenty more to try out. It’s all found in nearly 50 crags spread over two valleys, with climbs of all grades including slabs, overhangs and vertical walls. It’s an incredibly beautiful place too. It’s suitable for sport climbers with at least some outdoor climbing experience. Leading is helpful but not essential. Accommodation is in a local campsite.

Fly via Barcelona/Llerida, Spain: arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Sunday to Friday.

Rodellar - Spain

The last stop on the tour is appropriately one of the world's best climbing areas. We’ll take on athletic, long stamina climbs in huge caves and there’s another chance to improve your tufa technique. This is mostly advanced sport climbing and suitable for climbers with outdoor climbing experience although there are plenty of easy routes to enjoy if you are less experienced. But by this time on the tour, you should be able to take on the challenge. Leading experience is not essential, but very welcome. Accommodation is in an excellent refuge within walking distance of the crags.

Fly via Barcelona, Spain: arrive Saturday and depart Saturday allowing 6 days climbing Sunday to Friday.

So, as you can see, this is a pretty comprehensive European tour stopping at many of Europe’s legendary climbing spots. Join the crew from the start and travel the whole way or pick your favorite destination and we’ll meet you there. However you do it, being part of our European tour you’ll become part of the Rockbusters family, live the life and become a better climber. What’s not to like?

Arrival: Ruzyne International Airport
Departure: Barcelona International Airport

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