Sublime Slimline Climbing Brush 3 Pack

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The Sublime Slimline 3 Pack contains three of their slimmer, lighter, premium boar's hair bristled climbing brushes, in black, lime, and slate grey. Show more >
RRP: 14,90 €
14,90 €
Sorry, this product is discontinued.

Sublime Slimline Climbing Brush 3 Pack

With its slimmer, lighter design, the Sublime Slimline climbing brush is better suited to sport climbing and trad climbing than its bigger, older brother. It still features high-density premium boar's hair bristles though - over 9000 of them in fact - a lightweight yet durable handle, and an angled brush head.


Slimline Climbing Brush 3 Pack


• Over 9000 premium boar's hair bristles
• Lighter and slimmer than the original Sublime brush

2 product reviews

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Slimline Climbing Brush 3 Pack
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Durable and soft

I collect various brushes. I love these because they they last long and don't snap off of you brush vigorously.

The only small complaint is that they are a little big and don't fit in small pockets or cracks. I guess it's impossible to have everything in just one brush

Slimline Climbing Brush 3 Pack

Perfect price for a set that combines 3 dense brushes of different hardness with a shape that makes them ideal for many cleaning uses for indoor resin holds or fingerboards and also in outdoor.

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