SO ILL Sloper Brush 2.0

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The Distribution Brush 2.0's bigger sibling is here. Show more >
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SO ILL Sloper Brush 2.0

The Distribution Brush 2.0's bigger sibling is here. Even more boar hair bristles means even more brushing capabilities. Plus the sandpaper backing makes for a generously sized hand/callous care accessory. Originally, on a trip to Asia (routesetting for the World Cup), our friend noticed that everyone was using a spectacular brush that we'd never seen before. We knew we had to have it. So iLL Distribution made it our mission to make this end all, be all, boar hair brush available to you

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Sloper Brush 2.0
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Bigger is Better

My goodness, what a brush. With modern indoor bouldering utilizing not only larger and larger holds, but also gigantic volumes that you can only hold onto with the most desperate sense of friction you can find - this brush comes to the rescue. IT IS HUGE. People will compliment you on your giant huge brush, and while you thank them, you know it's not you they are complimenting, but the brush. But baby, take those compliments. 5/5 works great on big and small holds alike, apparently makes you look handsome also.

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